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Baylor, Kansas Postgame Quotes

March 9, 2013

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 Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“Well after all the close losses we’ve had, it was nice for Senior Night to end like that. A coach can’t ask for anything better than that – playing a quality team, personally I think they’re the best team in the nation- for us to play as well as we did, and for the seniors to get that kind of feeling for their last game is special and I couldn’t be more proud and happy for them. I think this just shows how much the guys like each other because they really wanted to make sure the seniors went out well, and I thought everybody brought their A-game for them.”

On what this game means for him as a coach:
“I couldn’t be more proud and happy and pleased because you know how tough it has been on the team and the guys. When you feel like you’re doing everything you can and things just aren’t working out, there’s always that feeling of ‘man, that’s how my senior year went’. But to see them have that last game, it’s something to remember the Ferrell Center by, for a coach it makes me really pleased and happy. All season long I’ve said it, but I know our team can beat anyone in the nation, and also as it’s been shown this season, anyone can lose to anybody. We just need to keep the execution going along with playing desperate and playing hard. We’ve played desperate, but we haven’t executed. We haven’t been able to do what we were able to do tonight as far as being efficient on the offensive end. But let’s face it, when the ball goes in, it makes everybody play better on the defensive end. When you make shots, it’s a big difference.”                                                                               

On looking ahead to the Big 12 Tournament:
“After we enjoy this win, we need to come back together and make sure we prepare and get ready. We’re playing Oklahoma State, which is a top team in the country. We’ve had two great games against them, and I’d expect another great game against them. Hopefully we can execute and do what we need to do.”

 Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On winning on Senior Night:
“[A.J. Walton and Jacob Neubert] have been here longer than me. I just wanted to go out there for them and do the best that I could to get the win for them. My teammates and all the Baylor fans have made it seem like I’ve been here for four years and they welcomed me here with open arms. I appreciate them for that and I love my team to death.” 

On what this win says about the team:
“I think we’re good, we just have stick to the game plan and defend. When we defend and rebound, we’re a good team. I’m trying to preach that to the team and we have to just keep going from here.”

Junior Cory Jefferson

On the three-pointers:
“It’s been something I’ve been doing in practice and I figured I might as well do it in the game.”

Senior A.J. Walton

On how they answered when Kansas cut the lead to six points:
“We knew they would go on a run. They’re Kansas, they’re number four in the nation. They’re a great team with a great coach. Me and P-jack [Pierre Jackson] being seniors, we kept things calm and told everybody not to worry, and that they were going to go on a run and that we were going to hit them with a run ourselves. We just stayed focus, didn’t get rattled and went on the run ourselves. “

On laying down and kissing the BU at half court:
“I love BU. I love everything about Baylor – students, teachers, everybody. These four years have been a great journey. I got a little emotional out there. I told my teammates I was going to lay on the floor. I didn’t tell them I was going to kiss it, that just came. It’s been a great journey for me. It helped me grow a lot. I’m going to miss it.” 

 Head Coach Bill Self

On cutting the lead to six in the second half:
“When we cut the lead to six, I still thought we were still climbing a pretty steep hill. We were obviously in the game, just had to get some stops. Isaiah (Austin) made a great left-handed hook shot; it was a pro move. Then I think just gave them four points after that. That’s the thing that frustrates me because we had a chance to get back in multiple times and didn’t take advantage of it. Then they made some plays, they were terrific and we weren’t any good. But they had a lot to do with us not being very good.”

On the play of Cory Jefferson and Pierre Jackson:
“He (Cory Jefferson) was great. If he is going to do that then it was going to be a hard win for us no matter what. With two players are as good as him and Pierre today, they just dominated the game. He (Cory) made some hard jump hooks over a pretty good defender. The Pierre points were not very good, I thought he got the best of us and we had so many defensive breakdowns. It doesn’t matter how good guys shoot it, if the other team shoots 58 percent you’re not going to win.”

On Jefferson’s performance:
“Today, Cory’s performance wasn’t a surprise, because we knew he was a good player and he could score. The way he scored was a surprise. You could do a good job on Pierre and he could get 20. We did a poor job and he got 28. Cory was impressive to watch, unfortunately.”

On Baylor’s NCAA hopes:
“Baylor needed this game today, based on what everyone says, and they got it. I think this one definitely put them in the field.”

Senior Center Jeff Withey

On cutting the lead to six in the second half:
“We cut it to six and then they went on a run. That was the theme of the night, every time we did something good they did something better. It was all defense, stuff we can work on.”

On how it feels to win the Big 12 with a loss:
“I doesn’t feel like we won it at all. It is cool to win it, obviously nine in a row is tough, but it just stinks to lose. It’s something to be proud of, but obviously, right now we aren’t thinking about that.” 

On the play of Cory Jefferson:
“We knew he could dunk, we knew he was athletic, but I wasn’t expecting him to shoot three’s like that. He played great.”

Freshman Guard Ben McLemore

On the quickness of Pierre Jackson:
“He is definitely a quick player and he controlled the game. He is quick, very quick.”



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