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Baylor, BYU Postgame Quotes

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 Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
"Well, to start out with, I tweeted this earlier, but I think the NIT committee does a tremendous job in making this a great experience for the student athletes that come here, and I know our band and the cheerleaders and everybody, they cheered for us all year but they were really cheering loud tonight because they didn't want to leave New York. Anyway, we're excited to be here for two more days, excited that we have a chance to play in the championship game, and we know whomever we play it's going to be a great contest, but I'm just happy we get to work with these guys a few more days."

On what this NIT run has meant to the program this year:
"Well, I think any time there's only two happy teams at the end of the year, the team that wins the NCAA and the team that wins the NIT. No Big 12 team has won an NIT championship. At Baylor we've been runner up, we haven't won a championship. So we want to be one of those happy teams."

On the run that created a little separation:
"It was huge. Saved me a little hair until Carlino started hitting threes from half court. Pierre is like a time bomb, you just wait for him to go off. He had a nice spurt there and that gave us a cushion, as long as we made free throws and didn't screw up things too much, at least we could survive a bad turnover or something like that.

"BYU, got to really credit them because they really compete hard. They never give up. It's a team that's used to winning. I don't know how many times they've had 25 plus win seasons in a row. I don't know what they finished this year, but it's a lot of tradition. We have a lot of respect for them and knew it was going to be a hard fought game just like the last two times we played them were."

 Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On how tough BYU was to put away down the stretch:
"Really tough. You know, they've got some great players on their team, some great shooters. As you seen at the end, Carlino caught fire a little bit. But we stuck to the game plan and executed well."

On what an NIT Championship would mean to Baylor:
"It would be really big. This tournament isn't as bad as people think. Some great teams in it. A lot of competition. None of the games are going to be easy. Last time Baylor was here we lost it, so we still can make history."

Junior Forward Cory Jefferson

On defending Brandon Davies:
"We wanted to mainly limit his touches in the post. We know he's a great player, and he has he's a multi move guy, and our main goal was just to limit his touches and make him go the ways that we wanted him to go."

On if he enjoys the big stage:
"Definitely. Just don't want to lose. We lose a game, that's the end of our season, and that's just one of the main things that has been motivating me."

 Head Coach Dave Rose

Opening Statement:
"Well, congratulations to Coach Drew and the Baylor team. I thought they were just terrific down the stretch. They made every big play that they needed to make, and I thought it was a great game. I thought both teams played hard. I thought it was a well played game. I'm really proud of our guys. There's a lot of things we needed to do we felt going into this game to be able to win, and a couple of them we were able to do. We out rebounded them, and I think that speaks volumes to the effort that we got from our players. We hit a little scoring drought there in the second half where they got a little lead and we weren't able to come back from that.

"But I think that the big plays that were made by Baylor down the stretch were probably the difference in the game, and then I'm just, again, really proud of our guys how we fought back from being 10 down and got it to a one possession game."

On what broke down for them in the second half:
"Well, I think as I recall we missed a couple of open shots, turned the ball over, and then I thought Pierre was really good. He kind of took control of the game, and not only did he make shots for himself but he made big plays for his teammates. We probably could have done a better job. That's kind of a critical time, and when we got the charge, I think we were down six, and slowed that thing down, they got a time out and regrouped a little bit. But it did kind of get away from us right there.

"But we went multiple possessions during that stretch where I thought we got good looks at the basket, and we just didn't convert."

Sophomore Guard Tyler Haws

On how he approached the game, being the second meeting this season:
"I think in that first game I got in a little foul trouble and it kind of disrupted the rhythm of the game the first time we played. Today I just wanted to attack and be smart and stay aggressive for 40 minutes, and was able to get in a little bit of a rhythm, but it's tough that we weren't able to make the plays we needed to down the stretch. You've got to give a lot of credit to Baylor. They played a great game."

On the game swinging into Baylor's favor:
"Yeah, stuff like that happens in the game, and you just have to pick yourself up and keep playing. But there were a few key plays going down the stretch that Baylor made and we didn't that helped them win the game."



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