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Baylor, Lehigh Postgame Quotes

Nov. 9, 2012

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  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement:
“We had a tremendous respect for Lehigh coming in with 27 wins last year and their top 4 scorers coming back. We were prepared for a good team and I think our players showed that they were ready to play and I am very pleased with a lot of the things we did. There are some areas we can build off of and improve on I thought from a coaching staff stand point, when you play a quality team like this and have a lot of young guys playing quality minutes, you never know what you’re going to get until the lights come on and you actually see. I was really pleased with all the new guys and how they played tonight.”

On making an effort to get the ball inside tonight:
“I think the guards did a great job in getting in the paint and our bigs did a great job in catching the passes and Pierre set the whole table with 12 assists; I thought he was really effective.”

On Cory Jefferson and Isaiah Austin’s performances:
“Yeah, Cory is dead tired, and that’s why we have him work so hard in practice because we were going to play him so many minutes. But yeah, I think he had nine dunks to finish with, I know Quincy Acy can breathe a sigh of relief. I thought Cory did a lot of great things tonight. Isaiah, for 17 minutes, I don’t think you can be any more efficient than he was, so we will have to get him healthy and now the rest of the world is going to know about him. People probably didn’t know that he could hit the three as effectively as he did and for as athletic he is for his size.”

  Junior Guard Pierre Jackson

On his assists during the game:
“I just wanted to get everyone’s feet wet. I wanted to get them their shots in order to get their nerves out. Cory and all the bigs were catching the lobs. It was a good night to get the ball to everybody.”

On what Cory and Isaiah gave the team down low:
“They both are great players. Cory looked amazing out there. I was in his ear the whole game telling him to keep playing like he was playing and Isaiah, unfortunately he rolled his ankle, but he probably would have kept killing like he was, I just hope they keep it up.”

  Junior Forward Cory Jefferson

On his play tonight and specifically the dunks:
“I was trying to break Acy’s record after everyone told me how close I was, but I didn’t quite get there.” On how nice it was receiving those passes from the guards and specifically Pierre… “It’s great. I am pretty sure most of my dunks were from passes from him or the other guards, so I really credit everything to them. They found me whenever I was open, and for the passes to be so nice, I just had to finish the plays. I thank them for that, after every pass they threw me, I told them thank you.”

  Head Coach Brett Reed

Opening Statement:
“First, I would like to commend a very talented Baylor team. They played with a great deal of confidence and togetherness. There was distribution of their shots and tonight they were a very difficult team for us to defend.” On the length of Baylor’s inside players: “Their length was a factor. They have tremendous length and athleticism, to go along with size. That combination is a little bit difficult for us considering that we are a smaller team this year. However, despite the size differential, there were chances for us to put ourselves in positions to be a little bit more successful and negate some of that size and athleticism and we failed to do so.”

On the play of Isaiah Austin:
“Isaiah Austin is a very talented player. He is a very difficult matchup. He can step out and shoot and obviously he can score around the basket and in the mid-range. One thing that was very impressive was the number of altered shots, particularly in the first half, defensively by him. We were able to make a pretty solid move as far as penetration was concerned, but everything surrounding an almost seven foot radius around the basket he seemed to affect if we got in there and were really trying to challenge around the rim.”

On falling behind early:
“I felt we built ourselves a pretty significant deficit at the beginning of the game. Offensively, we had some opportunities, but we were not firing at all cylinders and we could not seem to find a solution to get stops. At the beginning of the game and towards the end of the game, we were fortunate to be able to get a few stops; some due to our defensive effort and some due to missed shot opportunities by Baylor. The tale of the game tonight was the inability to get those defensive stops.”

On his team’s defensive strategy in guarding Brady Heslip and Pierre Jackson:
“Brady (Heslip) is a talented player and he skews your defensive coverage because he has to be respected. He has to be chased and shadowed. He has to be accounted for on each of the offensive possessions for them. The person who broke our back was Pierre Jackson having nine assists in the first half. He was setting the table for everybody. He was finding easy opportunities. We did a poor job of containing him the way we ultimately needed to. Once he got into that groove and that rhythm, everyone else was involved. It was a team that was playing with a great deal of confidence.”



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