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Baylor, La Salle Postgame Quotes

Nov. 16, 2010

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17/17 BAYLOR 74, La Salle 64 Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Friday, November 12, 2010 Attendance: 5,105


Head Coach Scott Drew
Opening Statement:
"I thought the upper classmen really came through. Quincy (Acy), Fred (Ellis), Anthony (Jones), I thought they all really settled us down when it was a tight game and when we needed to be settled down. The one thing that I liked is that we let them make runs but we never put ourselves in a position where we let them get a lead of five, six, seven, eight points, where they would make a run and we would answer. That was good to see from a young team. As far as early in the season, you love to work on your game and improve after wins rather than losses. La Salle is a good team. We're excited to get a win, excited it was on national TV. I thought Stargell (Love) made some better plays today. He looked a little more comfortable out there. I thought Perry (Jones) looked, in the second half especially, like he was more comfortable out there. I think those guys will look better and better the more they are out there. Pleased with the defensive effort for the most part."

On the high number of turnovers:
"We are trying to get them all out of the way early in the season. Coaches like consistency and that's the only area we don't want to be consistent in. Every day we work on that. Again, one returning starter, no seniors on the court. A.J. (Walton) played four minutes by himself at point guard last year, his first game this year. There are some downsides, and especially early on. That's why it's important to play defense because normally young teams don't defend. I thought holding them to 40 percent (field goal percentage) was good. I thought on rebounding, we didn't do as good of a job as I would have liked. At the end of the day, we rebounded and defended well enough to overcome the turnovers."

On Quincy Acy's play:
"Well that's what you want to see from upper classmen. If you look across the country it seems like every year, and in no matter what sport, if you don't have upper classmen it's tough. I think Quincy is playing like an upper classman."

Junior Forward Quincy Acy
On playing well down the stretch:
"When we went in for halftime Coach (Scott) Drew told us we needed to focus on turnovers and we were looking a little sloppy. He told us to work on being perfect on everything we do. He said, "Let's work on executing." That was the agenda in the second half."

On coming together in the second half:
"It was an early game so we started out a little sloppy. We go it together towards the end. We know we've got to bring it out earlier instead of just waiting until the second half."

Freshman Guard Perry Jones III
On the play of Quincy Acy:
"That was very impressive. I'm trying to be like him. I'm trying to get all the rebounds, and get all the put-back dunks I can."

On finishing strong:
"Coach (Scott) Drew kind of pulled me to the side a little bit. He talked to me a little bit and told me I just needed to play hard. He said I may be struggling right now but if I play hard then I will finish strong. I played my hardest and gave a good effort and it turned out to be good."


Head Coach Dr. John Giannini
Opening Statement:
"They are gigantic and they are active. Quincy Acy is going to be one of my favorite players in college basketball this year. He is everything coaches admire in a player. They had a lot to do with winning the game. I thought our effort was good. We have got to get our guys more skilled. We have to shoot the ball better. We have to be able to avoid travels, just simple things like that. Each of our guards had at least one travel, and besides Ruben, our guys did not shoot very well. We have to get them more skilled."

On Baylor Forward, Quincy Acy:
"I think that if there were an expansion draft; if every Division I team in the country could draft whoever they wanted, I would be stunned if he was not a high draft choice. Why would you not want this guy? He makes 70 percent of his shots. He is the leading rebounder in just about every game he plays in. He is a fierce competitor. He does not win the games on the line. He does not do it at lesser moments; he does it at big moments. I really challenged our big guys that they are going to go up against a guy that is a tremendous measuring stick. We battled, but obviously he got the best of us."

On Baylor's defensive play early in the game:
"You cannot have it both ways. They are missing a great guard, so that obviously is going to affect their shooting and their passing. It probably helped their size and their rebounding. They certainly did not beat us with their shooting or their passing; they beat us physically. When they have their whole team, I think they are a big problem for people."



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