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Baylor, Prairie View A&M Postgame Quotes

Nov. 29, 2011

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NOV. 29, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 6,072

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement...
"As far as tonight goes, it was great having Perry Jones III back. I think we know on the court what he provides a team, but off the court he is such a great teammate. Everyone likes him so much and I think everybody was really happy to see him get out there and play again."

On Perry Jones III being back out on the court with the team for the first time this season...
"I think, like anybody, your first time out there, I think he was just trying to fit in and was being a little tentative. I thought we all were. I thought we were all over passing and not being very aggressive. Prairie View A&M hit some threes early, they dug a hole. But as the game went on we got much better obviously."                                      

On getting ready to go on the road for the first time this year...
"Well I think coaches always would like more practice time and prep time to find out rotations and everything, but the great thing about our December schedule is that we will find out the areas that we need to work on. What areas we need to get better. And that will prepare us for conference, which we all know is the most important thing. Playing at Northwestern, they are just outside the top 25 as far as getting votes. They have beaten some quality teams like LSU, Seaton Hall, and they are definitely a very quality team with a very good coach."

  Sophomore Post Perry Jones III

On being back on the floor for the first time this season
""I was ready to play with my teammates again. It has been a grind in practice every day and it has just been a matter of time before I got back out there on the floor. I just had to take the chemistry that we have had in practice and take that with us to the court."

On how he has improved from last year...
"I honestly think I am a lot better than I was last year. I think I hustle more. I think I am more aggressive. Last year I probably would settle for a lot more jumpers than anything. I don't think I would have got to a lot of loose balls like I get to now."

 Senior Forward Quincy Acy

On having Perry Jones III back on the court...
"It is always good to have the young fellow playing with me. He brings a different dimension to the game. He just changes the game in so many different ways. He pretty much just got buckets out there."

On how Perry Jones III has improved over the offseason...
"He is a lot more aggressive. He is smarter on his decision, I remember one time on a fast break he brought it out. Last year he might have tried to force it. It is just a transition from being a freshman. He has learned a lot. He takes it personal, having to sit out so many games and he came in with a chip on his shoulder."

Junior Guard Pierre Jackson

On playing with Perry Jones tonight...
"I think I was more excited to play with him than he was. I have been looking forward to it. He has been working and practicing and he showed that he is ready to play."

On the chemistry between him and Deuce Bello...
"I tell him that whenever I get the ball to just go to the rim and I will get it to you. And he wanted to finish and get on some highlights or whatever, that is what he does."

  Head Coach Byron Rimm III

On the early lead…
“It was a little emotional. A couple of guys came close to home. It’s a 40-minute basketball game. Our freshmen did a good job, stepped out and knocked down the first three 3s. But like I said, it’s a 40-minute game. You can’t get too excited or too depressed how we played the first four to five minutes. It’s a great basketball team. We came out strong and we’ve got to keep that momentum.”

On the streaking 3-point shooting…
“They play a lot of zone. A great percentage we shot were in the first seven, eight minutes. I’m proud of the way they shot the ball today. But we didn’t get that win, so it doesn’t really matter how well we shot the ball. “

On play of Montrael Scott…
“He twisted his ankle and it was hurting a lot. He’s a great kid. He’s a great warrior. It doesn’t make sense to blow an ankle out in this type of game. He did a great job his first start and he’s going to keep starting.”

Freshman G Montrael Scott

On 3-point shooting…
“I came out in pregame getting loose, getting warmed up. And it was on. So I kept shooting. Coach says shoot ‘till you can’t shoot no more, so you keep shooting. That’s what shooters do.”

On the early lead…
“When we were in the locker room, we [said], ‘We go for 40 minutes.’ For 10 times, play four minutes. We gotta go hard every time we play. We came down as underdogs, but we still came up, played. Even though we came up with the loss, we still played our hardest. We gotta get better in practice.”



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