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Nov. 30, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On the game:
"Credit Washington State for making the big plays down the stretch. They showed why they're the sixth-ranked team in the nation. I want to thank the fans that came out; it was a grade-A atmosphere. The good thing for our team is that we're going to be in a lot of these games in the future, so this will be something good for us to learn from. We were definitely nervous in the beginning of the game, and that obviously showed, but at the same time you've got to get to this level before you can improve. There are no moral victories for us, we're not happy about the loss, and we're not happy about being close. We're about winning these games because we're a team good enough to do that."

On Curtis Jerrells and LaceDarius Dunn both leaving late in the game with injuries:
"It killed us from the standpoint that those guys have come up big for us in the Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands, rotation-wise, and defense-wise. Lace (LaceDarius Dunn) had just hit a three, so that really hurt us."

On Baylor's turnovers:
"Way too many with 15 turnovers. We do play off the bounce, but we can't turn the ball over 15 times. I'm proud of our rebounding effort, but very disappointed in the turnovers. In games like this, you can't have 15 turnovers."

Baylor forward Kevin Rogers:
On losing after leading most of the game:
"It's very disappointing. We were in so many of these games last year, and you always want to close games out like this, especially at home. The momentum was with us, but I credit their players for making big shots when they needed them. They're a veteran team, and when they closed out the game they showed their veteran leadership."

On losing Jerrells and Dunn to injuries late in the game:
"It definitely affected what we were trying to do. They're key guys in our offense and defense, so that hurt a lot, but we still have very capable players who can step up when those guys aren't in. It's just a loss that we've got to learn from. Hopefully this will be the last one like this, because we don't like feeling like this after games."

Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells:
On leaving late in the game with an injury:
"I went back behind the curtain and I didn't know what was going on. I'm not sure what happened, but I came back out and the game was tied up, so I tried to get back in and play it out."

On losing the game:
"It was just unfortunate because we were up five. I'm frustrated with myself because if I had been able to be out on the floor, we would've been able to control some things. When we've got a five-point lead with three minutes left, we should be able to build on it and win the game."

Baylor guard Aaron Bruce:
On scoring all of his points in the second half:
"I didn't play much the first half just because of foul trouble. They made a run at us in the second half, and we kind of went through a patch where we weren't scoring, so as a senior leader part of my job is to recognize what we need at certain times, and at that point in time we needed scoring, so I took it upon myself to score a little bit more."

On what went wrong in the second half:
"They executed better in the second half, they didn't turn the ball over much, and they got second chances. We got a little bit happy with ourselves being 10 up at home. Against good teams 20 minutes of basketball isn't enough; 35 minutes of basketball wasn't enough. We were up by five with three minutes left, so we can only blame ourselves for letting it slip out of our hands. They wanted it more than we did in the end."

Washington State Head Coach Tony Bennett:
On the game:
"We only had three turnovers, we looked at it and 29 of the 38 points were from offensive rebounds, points in transitions, or turnovers. We talked about eliminating, loosing and the things that stand up first were get back and set your D, take care of the ball and finish the play. We were very deficient in all three of those categories and you can't play like that, and in the second half we took care of the ball better, got some shots, stayed aggressive and handled the ball better the last ten minutes of the game."

"We got real inspired by (Robbie) Cowgill. He's such an active kid. He's about 200 pounds, he's fearless and he's been like that ever since he's been in our program. This was one of his better games, in front of so much family. That is what's neat about college basketball. He comes out and there are 50 of his family members just going wild and holding up signs that say, Texas Loves 34!"

"You have to understand something about the other men in our program; they're about as good as it gets in terms of character. They showed they were a better team in the second half. The first half they looked like they were freshman, but then they showed that they were experienced players."

"A victory in a pretty hostile environment, on the road, against a quality team and make no mistake about it, their guards can play. (Kevin) Rogers gave us some trouble and Scott's (head coach Drew) done a good job of putting this program together through some adversity itself. I like the program he has, those kids are hard to play when they get there confidence up. They made us look silly for a stretch."

Washington State Guard Derrick Low:
On the game:
"The first half, we started off kind of strong but then we had a little let down. In this kind of environment, in this kind of atmosphere we can't let that happen. Baylor is a great basketball team and they had tremendous guard play, are very talented and they just took it to us in the first half. They made shots and they just had it right down our throat. They had 12 transition points. "

"The way our team is, we can't let that happen. We have to get back and we have to get stops and we can't give teams 12 easy shots at baskets. When that happened it showed in the first half. We were down by 12. In the second half we got fire lit under our behinds and came out with a defensive mentality to get some stops."

"His concern was the 12 transition baskets. Our philosophy of defense is play with the pack and get back on defense. We also had 11 turnovers in the first half. That is unorthodox for us, and to go along with those transition baskets, we can't let that happen. We are not a good enough team to let other teams have those kinds of chances. We had to come out and do everything to play our style of basketball."

"I knew my shot was going to come around. In the first half I give Baylor a lot of credit. They were not giving me any open looks at all. I usually get some good looks coming off the screens but they chased the screens really well."

"You just have to keep shooting and eventually they will start to knock down and thank God it came at the right time."

"We knew it was going to be a tough game. This past week all we have been hearing is about Baylor and their tremendous guard play."



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