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Dec. 3, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On the game:

"Our first half was obviously very disappointing; it showed that we had some hangover from Washington State. The second half, I was very pleased with the defensive effort. We got back to Baylor basketball, and we played 20 minutes of good basketball tonight."


On getting off to a slow start after the Washington State loss:

"(I was) expecting it, and sometimes it's frustrating when there's nothing you can do about it. If we make those 10 layups in the first half, then it's 51-24 and that's a much better first half. It's good to play and get that feeling of Washington State out of us a little bit. Now we get to get ready for finals."




On Kevin Rogers's performance:

"What's really impressive were the 26 (points) and 10 (rebounds), but also with 12-for-15 from the field. When you shoot at that percentage and score at that percentage, that's huge, and hopefully we can get a lot more performances like that the rest of the year for Kevin because he was very good tonight."


On fans having higher expectations this year:

"That's great. We love the standpoint that people believe and we believe, and at the same time hopefully we won't have as many tough losses. We want to win them all and let everybody celebrate and feel great, and that way we can sleep at night as well. When we play good basketball we can play with anybody in the country and we can beat anybody in the country, but the first half showed that if you don't play well and you don't bring energy, you can lose to anybody as well."


Baylor forward Kevin Rogers:

On having numerous alley-oops:

"I just know if I run the floor hard, with the guards that we have, I'll get some sooner or later. Those guys always have their eyes open, so you've got to have your eyes open too and be ready to catch it. On the last one I felt like my old self, like in high school. In high school I could probably touch the top of the backboard, but once you get to college you start lifting weights, it kind of drops you down. Now I can only touch the top of the square."


On scoring a season-high 26 points:

"I struggled early, and I'm hoping that this is a breakout game that will help me get back to playing Kevin Rogers basketball. This weekend after the game I had a talk with who I like to call `the boss,' my mom. She just told me to go out on the court and play with focus and have fun. She said that's when I play my best basketball, when I'm smiling and having fun, so I just try to go out there and be Kevin Rogers again."


Baylor guard Aaron Bruce:

On tonight's performance:

"We missed shots, and we missed loose balls that didn't bounce our way, and sometimes you have games like that. It's better off having a game like that and coming out with a win than having it go the other way. Our guys had good character, and we fought back and played a good second half to finish the game."


On Kevin Rogers's alley-oops:

"When he's doing that it means the score is ticking over for us, so we're happy with that. It definitely gets everybody on a different level of excitement too, so that helps us out on the other end."


On having higher expectations for this season:

"It's fun being part of it, and knowing that we're moving somewhere. When you actually feel that, and you can see it in guys' eyes during games, that's when you know that you're really part of something special, and I see that now. We all see that, and we're all focused on moving forward. Our job was to get a win tonight, we got a win tonight, and now that's done with just like the Washington State loss is done with, so we move on to the next game."

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