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Men's Basketball

Baylor, UK Postgame Quotes

Dec. 7, 2013

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20/20 BAYLOR (8-1) 67, 3/4 KENTUCKY (7-2) 62
AT&T Stadium (Arlington, Texas)
Fri., Dec. 6, 2013
Attendance: 12,818


Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement...
"I thought for the people that were able to make it tonight you had two great games, four ranked teams and I think everybody competed. Our guys got down big in the second half, but that has been kind of our M-O. I thought on the glass Kentucky coming in was No. 1 in the country on offensive rebounding and we were top 10. And I thought that was the big key that we wanted to make sure we did a good job of -- and Rico [Gathers], Isaiah [Austin], Cory [Jefferson], they all did a good job and I'm just really proud of them, proud of our team. We play a lot of guys and they just stick together, they are one of the better defensive teams in the country and they rebound. So we will work on the assists and turnovers."

On why he thinks they had control...
"You have a lot of length and a lot of talent and a lot of athleticism out there. I think that was just a big focal point for us and I think the guys did a good job executing, rebounding as a team instead of trying to make it five-on-three. And all the players deserve the credit."

Sophomore F Rico Gathers

On a physical game...
"There's always an emphasis to hit the boards. That's one of the keys to every game. And I just know we had a lot of opportunities to get a lot of boards on the offensive end. I know if I'm not going to score the ball, I have to be looking to do something other than score so rebounding is always my priority whenever I'm out there on that floor."

On what worked for him...
"Just being active. One of the things I have going for me, I know I'm a little undersized at the four and the five, but I know I'm an active player I'm really tough to box out and I'm always looking to get a rebound -- even if it's my only shot. That's just me, that's just natural."

Senior F Cory Jefferson

On handling defense...
"We just wanted to make it difficult for them. Most of the time we were sending two people at [Julius Randle], doubling, trying to make him get rid of it and we were doing a pretty good job at it for 40 minutes."

On playing in the stadium...
"For one, just being in the stadium was great -- great place. Playing in Cowboys Stadium, like Rico said, you get to play basketball in a football stadium. But other than that there wasn't too much of a difference out there on that court -- that's where I wanted to be and that's what everyone out there was focusing on -- just being on the court."

Junior G Kenny Chery

On taking control of the ball...
"I just wanted to make sure that no body was turning the ball over. I was going to be a point guard, just be a general -- put guys in the right position so they are able to put the ball inside and put the ball outside. We just stayed focused as a team and we didn't have as many turnovers today as we did against Syracuse, and that's why we ended up with the win."


Head Coach John Calipari

Opening Statement...
"Our fans just want to see a team fight and battle and compete, and this team didn't. As soon as this thing got rough and the first raindrops hit, we stopped fighting and we started looking for an excuse and heads go down. That's what we are right now, but we know that and that's why we have to play these kind of teams."

On his team's performance tonight...
"They out-hustled us, they out-worked us -- they deserved to win. They out-rebounded us by 16 rebounds -- 16 rebounds, 18 offensive. There were three or four rebounds down the stretch in the last four minutes where, if we get it, we win the game, and they got every single one of those rebounds. That's who we are right now. Everything is based on how I'm scoring and how I'm doing and not based on that part of the game -- that toughness."

On his team only having two field goals in the last 13 minutes...
"They didn't have many either. What they had were offensive rebounds and put-backs. Number one [Kenny Chery] controlled the game. He was coming really hard off pick and rolls and our guy wasn't. He just doesn't know that part of the game yet so he tries to mess around with a pick and roll and you can't play that way. And [Chery] just flew off pick and rolls and made it hard for us."

Freshman F Julius Randle

On the team's lack of fight...
"It's just focus, and doing the little things down the stretch. We'll be alright."

On Coach Calipari's comments...
"You can't take it personal. He's challenging us, he knows all of us have fight in us. It's just another level at this college level. We just have to focus more, and when things get rough, we have to come together."

Freshman G Aaron Harrison

On Coach Calipari's comments about the team...
"It's tough to hear. We're definitely going to get better and learn from this. I really don't know."

On the team's struggles to score down the stretch...
"Just like Coach [Calipari] said, we didn't execute like we were supposed to. Coming out of timeouts we weren't as focused as we were supposed to be running through plays. We have to be more prepared and can't break down."



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