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Men's Basketball

Baylor, Lamar Postgame Quotes

Dec. 12, 2012

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  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement…
We were pleased to get a win. We were pleased to get 17 assists and only nine turnovers and pleased to have 21 second-chance points. Our defensive field goal percentage needs to get better. That’s an area we need to improve in. I think sometimes you have to give credit to the other team and I thought Coach Knight made a good move in changing their point guard situation, and today they took care of the ball with 23 assists and only 14 turnovers. We were hoping to get more points in transition, so credit them for that. I also thought our team executed in the last five minutes, which was really important to close out the game.”

On Isaiah Austin’s health in this game…
“I think that’s been very frustrating. When he sprained the ankle, he never really had time to recover. And he was a tough kid to play through that injury, but he hasn’t had his explosive step, so it was good getting him back. I think we are healthier than we have been all year long, outside of the first game against Lehigh.”

On the second half defense…
“I think some of it happened when we were pressing. We were trying to speed the temp up and sometimes it’s not bad, but we haven’t spent a lot of time pressing so we will practice and learn from that. We have a month to work on it and get Rico (Gathers) and Isaiah and the other up to speed on that. I think it’s important for us to be able to speed the tempo up. If you look at the Northwestern game, that’s how we were able to get back into that game.”

On this Baylor possibly being a good pressing team…
“I don’t know if it will ever be a weapon, but I do like playing fast. And I think that’s one thing we like to do and we will continue to work on that.”

  Senior Guard Pierre Jackson

On being able to push through towards the end to win the game…
“I want to say dept was a big part of it. Coming into this season we had a lot of depth and a lot of good players coming off the bench. We were also a lot more focused at the end of the game and that helped a lot.”

On Lamar getting a lot of good looks at the basket…
“I think we weren’t talking enough on defense and I let the guys know it during the timeout. We weren’t communicating enough. We let a couple players get behind the zone and hit some wide open jumpers, and that’s what they were doing so we had to tighten that up.”

  Senior Forward Isaiah Austin

On bringing down 17 rebounds…
“Coach Drew has definitely been emphasizing rebounding in practice. He wants me to have 10-plus rebounds a game, so I just wanted to be more active on the boards for my team.” 

On this being the healthiest you’ve been since the first game…
“Yeah, I definitely have more lift off my ankle thanks to David Chandler (Athletic Trainer). He has been getting me right.”

  Head Coach Pat Knight

Opening Statement…
I was worried because you would like a day of preparation, but I have got to look at the positive that was the best game we have played all year and probably the best team we will play all year. I told the team, we are 1-9 and I am going to throw it out the window. Our season starts Saturday. If we would have played like we did tonight, we would have had two or three more wins, but it did not happen. We just have not been playing well. I am not making excuses, but traveling does not help you either because we do not have any practice time with these guys. With seven new guys who are getting playing time, it is not like last year where we had seniors who knew what they were doing. It has hurt us, but I think we can use tonight as a good positive.”

On the play of Pierre Jackson…
“They are good. Jackson plays like a senior. He hit some big time shots. He is a big time player. He hits it when it counts, and when you fall asleep that is what will happen to you.”



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