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Dec. 15, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On the game:

"The last two games we've played not very good first halves, but played good second halves. Now, getting ready to go on the road, we need to play two second halves for South Carolina and Southern. In the second half we did a lot of great things."


On if he was surprised by the slow start:

"Not with 12 days off coming off of finals. That's why we wanted to play this game before we went to South Carolina and before we went to Southern. We got very good looks and just didn't make shots, but defensively we were very poor in the first half. We let them shoot 54 percent, but the second half was very good at 34 percent and 16 (percent) from three (three point field goals), so there were a lot of positives in the second half. We shot 69 percent in the second half and 70 percent from three (three point field goals)."




On why the Bears played better in the second half:

"I don't know if we got the rust off or whatever, but obviously it started on the defensive end. We got stops, and because when got stops we were able to get run outs, and because we got run outs we got high percentage shots, and that got us going."



Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells:

On falling behind early:

"It's naturally hard to get up for these kinds of games with not very many people here on campus. We've been practicing I don't know how many days in a row, and at first we were just trying to get back in the groove of things. Once we finally started playing a little bit of defense, we started getting some stops and some easy scores."


On the team's defense:

"We got good looks and they weren't falling, but we shouldn't let our offense dictate our defense. The defense should always be good no matter what. We get confidence by getting those steals and those easies (points)."



Baylor forward Kevin Rogers:

On the game:

"Every team that we play this year is going to be really good. That's the reason that we have the schedule that we have; to have great competition night in and night out. We knew that they were a good team coming in, but we were more surprised with the way we came out in the first half."


On getting off to a slow start early in the game:

"We can't play the upper echelon of teams like South Carolina, Texas and Kansas like that in the first half if we want to stay in those games."

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