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Baylor, Bethune-Cookman Postgame Quotes

Dec. 15, 2010

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9/9 BAYLOR 83, BETHUNE-COOKMAN 39   Ferrell Center (Waco, Texas)
Wednesday, December 15, 2010   Attendance: 5,653


Opening statement:
"This team, Bethune-Cookman, played Arizona to a seven-point game at halftime. They played Central Florida, who is 26th in the AP poll, it was a single digit game with under five to go, so their style of play is tough. They are deliberate on offense and then defensively they were 12th in the nation in causing turnovers, so for us to have 17 assists and only six turnovers, I thought we did a very good job. A.J. Walton, obviously, with 10 (assists) and one (turnover), was very impressive tonight. And then defensively to hold them to 39 that was very good.”

On if Bethune-Cookman’s style contributed to a slow start:
“I think let’s give them all the credit, because if you watch their games, I think we probably had the biggest lead (at the half) of anybody that they had played. I think their style and their point guard is pretty good, the coach’s son, he is a good player.”

On the play of A.J. Walton:
“Anybody is going to take a point guard with 10 assists and one turnover. Again, this was a team that was 12th in the nation in forcing turnovers and again they have played some quality teams, so I am very pleased with our assist-turnover ratio.”

Senior Guard LaceDarius Dunn
On the game after a long layoff:
"It has been a while since we played and you could tell tonight, because I was kind of sluggish. The first couple shots were bad and I could tell from when they left my hand. It had been awhile, but it was fun to get out there and playing against Bethune-Cookman and just getting back into the flow of things. Now we got to get focused on Gonzaga.”

On if the team got better as the game went along:
"We did in certain areas as far as defense and rebounding trying to keep them at a certain percentage and reaching our goal. I think we did a great job when everybody got back into the flow and knowing what they are supposed to do and being on time and on target.”

Sophomore Guard A.J. Walton
On if he was looking to pass more than shoot:
"I just came out and did what I needed to do. Whatever the team needs me to do that is what I do. You can say I wasn’t looking for my shot, I know it was off, I just needed to get my teammates going. Lace is a great player and I got him the first couple of shots and it turned out good for us.”

On if the team got better as the game wore on:
"Our defense got way better. I think we held them to 31 percent defensive field goal percentage, so that was what we were looking to do and that is what we did.”

Freshman Forward Perry Jones III
On if the emphasis was to get him the ball in the second half:
"It really wasn’t. I was just wasn’t as comfortable the first half. Having these days off, I am not used to that. I just had to get the feel of the game back, and it game back fortunately in the second half.”


Head Coach Clifford Reed Jr.
Opening statement:
“We were beaten by a much, much better team. They are (ranked) ninth in the country and they showed that tonight. They flexed their muscles, athletic, long, and a lot of shooters. We were beaten by a much better team and that’s it.”

On matching up with Baylor’s size:
“We couldn’t, and that was the whole thing. There were times they were throwing lobs and getting offensive rebounds and there was nothing you could do because there was just more size. We didn’t match up at all.”

On Baylor’s zone defense:
“I think the big thing with the zone is the way he spaces out. I don’t have a problem with that part of it but you’ve got to have guys that can make plays. I like the fact that he will come way out and chase because we like to spread the floor and then you can attack. If you have guys that can play in the interior and can pass and play, then you’ve got a chance to beat the zone because you really want to attack inside-out and then throw the ball back outside to guys that can make shots. That didn’t concern me as much as you’ve just got to have players who can make plays. The fact that (Head coach Scott Drew) will space out (the defense) and will space the floor, then you can attack from behind. He does a lot of different things but you’ve got to do what you can do. He does a lot of different things with the zone. There is more than one type of zone. You’ve just got to do what you’re going to do against the zone.”



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