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Men's Basketball

Baylor, USC Upstate Postgame Quotes

Dec. 17, 2012

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  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement…
“This is a game that as a coach, you know that your opponent is a lot better than people might realize. You can see them in the NCAA tournament winning a game. We knew that we were in for a good game. They’re so good offensively that I was pleased to see us get at them defensively. We didn’t shoot well, but we still guarded. To hold them to only 33 percent in the second half and 38 percent for the game, I was very pleased. We took care of the ball with 23 assists and eight turnovers. A.J. (Walton)’s eight assists were amazing. We can always continue to get better at rebounding.  Normally when we shoot poorly it affects us on the defensive end, but that didn’t happen tonight. It actually helped us.” 

On what it will take to get off to better starts…
“Early in the year I think that you are always adjusting, changing and tweaking. Going 0-10 from three makes it hard to get off to a good start. I’m so pleased with this effort though because we were able to defend and still take care of the ball and win. I thought that we made some extra effort passes. We made a more conscious effort to get the ball inside. We’re learning how to get more touches inside.”

On closing the game…
“I think that it was a great run to finish the game. As a young team, you’re growing up and learning. You’re not as rattled or feeling the pressure. It started with the defense getting stops, then we got high-percentage shots that helped us close.”

  Senior Guard A.J. Walton

On tonight’s slow start at the beginning of the game…
“We came out a little flat like we have in a lot of games this season. We missed our first 11 shots from the three-point line, which isn’t like us. It’s been a long week of practice, and we had heavy legs coming into the first half. In the second half, we got our second wind and pushed the lead up a little bit.”

On guarding USC Upstate’s best player…
“Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish the game out and keep guarding him, but he’s a good player. At 6-5 to shoot threes and post up, I had to be there to try to keep him from catching the ball. I did what I could. I held him to 14 points.”

  Junior Forward Cory Jefferson

On as a team, getting off to better starts…
“Just sticking to what our plan is for the game at the beginning. As a team, we start off sluggish and flat. We usually pick it up towards the end. It helped us out today and worked today, but against other teams we won’t be able to do that. We’re going to have to start getting that together from the beginning.”

On giving up offensive rebounds to USC Upstate’s…
“Rebounding was a big thing that we work on. It’s something that we will have to continue to work on. During the game, they took a lot of long shots. Longs shots equal a lot of long rebounds. A lot of the time the ball will just go right over our heads. That’s something that we will continue to work on and get better at.”    

  Head Coach Eddie Payne

Opening statement…
“From our perspective, it was a one-point game with eight minutes to go and we scored seven points after that. Pierre Jackson stepped up and made big plays like you would expect a player like that to do. We had some breakdowns from an execution perspective and they took advantage of it. I think we’re still trying to learn how to win a big game like this on the road and do well for 40 minutes. Hats off to Baylor.”

On his team’s execution…
“I thought we got a lot of good looks and executed fairly well. The three kids that scored for us were 8-for-31, so obviously when that happens, you can’t beat a team like Baylor on the road. From the standpoint of structure and execution and tempo, it was about like we wanted.”

On Baylor Senior A.J. Walton’s defense against Torrey Craig…
“He got into him and was physical with him and did a really nice job. Torrey, obviously, didn’t get many clean looks. The best thing that Torrey did was drive the ball. He got to the line nine times, but I would say Walton did a great job with him.”



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