Baylor Postgame Quotes

Dec. 29, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On tonight's game:

"One thing we've tried to do is play 40 minutes, and tonight we played 40 minutes. We gave up a couple of threes to a couple of hot shooters, but besides that we played very well. Forcing 25 turnovers was tremendous. We would've liked to keep their field goal percentage a little lower than it was, but offensively to come back after a break and shoot as well as we did, and to have 23 assists is very good."


On returning from the break:

"I couldn't ask for more as far as coming back and shooting well. In our last game against Southern we really didn't shoot very well at all, and that was strictly a game won on defense, and now we've got the offense back so that's good."




On heading into Big 12 play:

"Tonight we really wanted to play for 40 minutes because we know we have to do that to get ready for Big 12 play. We have three more games before then, and we want to get better in a couple of areas before then.


Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells:

On returning from the break:

"We got back early enough to practice, so we knocked that rust off in a couple of practices. We were more anxious to play than anything, and if you watched the game you saw that. Games are always fun. We had one tonight and we've got one again in a couple of days, so everybody will be ready to roll with high energy."


On playing on New Year's Eve in two days:

"We want to finish the year 11-1 and be ready for the new year. As far as practice, coach always manages to make a late practice on the day before and an early practice on the day after, so there's not time to do too much."


On having one day to rest before the next game:

"We wish we could play every day, but we've got to practice. We're ready, and there's a high energy level around here. We've got depth, and coach does a lot of substitutions trying to keep us fresh, and we do a lot of work keeping ourselves in condition, so we're ready to go."


Baylor forward Delbert Simpson:

On his increased playing time:

"I've worked hard for playing time, so I feel like the extra work I've put in is actually paying off."


On his role on the team:

"Just to be a garbage man and do the little things. Offense is going to come to me, I just play defense and rebound, and offensive rebounds give me offensive points."


On being one of the new guys on the team:

"These guys are great. The whole team welcomed me right in. I come here every day to practice and we laugh, and joke, and play with each other, and it's like I've been here forever already."

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