Baylor Postgame Quotes

Dec. 31, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On tonight's game:

"Defensively we did a lot of good things in the second half. One of our strengths as a team is our depth, and again we hit those waves where we can get spurts. We hit a couple of spurts, and had one big on in the second half, and that kind of sealed the deal for us."


On Mamadou Diene's performance::

"It was great to see him moving better and getting used to the speed of the game. He blocked a couple of shots, so I think he's feeling a lot more comfortable, and those two dunks relaxed him a little bit. When you're out for as long as he was without practicing, you need time. The good thing is that he's had a couple of games now and a couple of weeks to do that."




On the team's ability to stay motivated for every game:

"Two things can be attributed to that. First, I think we have to thank Tarleton State, and the second thing is having an upperclassmen team and an experienced team, and knowing that you have to bring it every night. If you don't you could be in trouble, so that's why the defensive end is so important."


Baylor guard Henry Dugat:

On staying motivated for each game:

"We were 10-1 before this game, now we're 11-1, and we're motivated just to keep that loss at one loss and not let it get any bigger. We always tell each other in the locker room that the next game is the biggest game that we have. Each game is bigger and bigger for us to continue to do what we want to do and to get to where we want to get to."


On defensive improvement in the second half:

"We thought that the game was a little close at halftime and we wanted to lengthen the gap, and we knew we had to do it on the defensive end instead of the offensive end. That led to easy buckets for us and we got ahead of them."


On having his second straight 20-point game:

"They're (opposing defenses) really keying in on my teammates, and they're (teammates) are getting me open shots with open looks. With guys like Mamadou (Diene), Josh (Lomers), Kevin Rogers, and Delbert Simpson setting screens out there, it's easy to get open looks like that."


Baylor center Mamadou Diene:

On the team's defense:

"Since day one coach has said every day that defense is most important thing for us. Last year we lost a lot of close games and we didn't guard anybody, so we've been emphasizing the defense. It doesn't matter how many points we win by, we go to practice the next day and all we talk about is defense, defense, defense. That's just something that we focus a lot on."


On recovering from his injury:

"Right now I can say that I'm close to 100 percent. I just need to get back in game shape, but it feels a lot better."


On looking for his shot more often:

"Coach has been telling me that since my freshman year. He just told me that I need to take more shots and need to finish better. I'm working at that a lot, but I also don't forget my role on the team. I just try to help the team on the defensive end because we have great guards that can score every time. And we've got some big guys like Josh Lomers who has gotten a lot better, and Kevin Rogers, so I'm not in a rush. I'm working on my offensive game, but I don't just try to score right away when I get in the game. I have a role to try to help the team on the defensive end, get some rebounds, and if I can get a couple of buckets, then I go for it."

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