Timeout With Henry Dugat

March 4, 2009


Henry Dugat
Men's Basketball

What NBA player do you admire most and why?
"I admire Joe Johnson, of the Atlanta Hawks, because of how he plays and the fact that he's underrated."

Who has had the greatest impact on your career?
"My parents have had the biggest impact on my career."

Why did you decide to come to Baylor University?
"The atmosphere and people here, and also because my parents wanted me to be here."

What is your post college ambition?
"My post college ambition is to play basketball professionally."

What has been your most memorable moment of the season?
"My most memorable moment is the feeling the night before the first game."

When you have a day off, what do you like to do?
"When I have a day off I like to beat people in NBA Live 09."

How do you prepare for each game?
"Before the games I listen to music; usually Jay-Z, Lil; Keke, Z-Ro, Lil' Boosie or Webbie."

Compiled by Taylor Eastman, Athletic Media Relations student assistant.



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