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MBB Post-Selection Show Quotes

  Head Coach Scott Drew

On the Bears' position:
"Excited to be placed in the South Region and to be a 3 seed. There are a lot of teams that would love to be in our position so we are happy and ready to get to work"

On how his team is playing:
"I think we are playing better basketball right now. I think that we are playing better on offense and defense and we are rebounding more consistently. Now we have to keep playing hard and hopefully we will keep peeking at the right time."

On looking ahead:
"After the bracket is finished you obviously look ahead to the big picture, but you have to take it one game at a time or you're done."

On his team's leadership:
"That has been important all year long. I think that's the reason we have won 27 games and why we are a 3 seed and these guys have set the stage and will continue to do so."

On the effect of not playing in the NCAA tournament in 2011:
"I think the best thing is that we just got the tournament experience we needed in the Big 12 tournament. The guys know what it's like to have a police escort to the game, and they know how all the media stuff works. The Big 12 does a great job with preparing guys for the NCAA tournament and I feel good about our chances."

  Sophomore Guard Brady Heslip

On playing South Dakota State:
"Any team that makes the tournament is good. It's another level of basketball and everybody is fighting for their life and playing with another level of intensity."

On making the tournament:
"It's exciting, everyone dreams of doing this as a kid. To see your name come up on the screen is unreal. We are excited and will be ready for the challenge."

  Sophomore Forward Perry Jones III

On playing South Dakota State:
"I think it's a good match up. We don't know much about each other. It will be nice to play somebody that we haven't played all season."

On the tournament matchups:
"I'm glad we are in the tournament; we are a 3 seed. It's going to be competitive because all the teams that are in the tournament are good teams."

  Senior Forward Quincy Acy

On the team's ultimate goal:
"I want to go out with a championship, that's my mind set. We came up short yesterday but we have another goal in mind right now."

On making a similar run to 2010:
"Most definitely, we have a lot of guys that have made the tournament before. I think we have a lot more experience than that year because the guys know what to expect."

On recent play of Perry Jones III:
"He is playing outstanding, now we need him to continue and get the other guys on board playing with same level of insanity and mind set."



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