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Men's Basketball

MBB Post-Selection Show Quotes

March 14, 2010

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Head Coach Scott Drew
Opening Statement...
"Tweety's (Carter) smile up here shows how we all feel, that during the end of the year we closed strong so that we could get a chance to get a seed like a three seed in New Orleans so that our fans could get a chance to come down and watch and support us as well. So I am very pleased that our hard work was rewarded with that.

"I think Ekpe was excited to see Lace (LaceDarius Dunn) and Tweety (Carter) get a chance to play back home. I know we are all very excited and looking forward to the tournament. It is a much different feeling going into that last bracket knowing you are in - just not knowing where we would be compared to the last time when we were getting a little worried."

On playing close to Tweety's home town of Reserve, La...
"There is nothing more than you want to do than please your players as a head coach and have a chance to play back home for him, you could not write up a better script. We are excited about that opportunity. And he promised that the Who Dat nation would be there to support us so we should be in good hands."

On playing Sam Houston State...
"Sam Houston is very well coached. They have done very well against Big 12 schools teams in the past few years and we know we will have our hands full. I know that their style of play is tough. They like low scoring games. The good thing about our team is that we can adjust where I think in previous years we were more one dimensional. I think the team this year can win in half court games and in up and down games.

On this year's selection show compared to two years ago...
"The big thing is that it is one thing to be excited to be there and it is another thing to be there to win. I think once you have been there once you taste that excitement to stay. I know when we lost it was like wow it is over so quick. So hopefully that will give us the extra motivation we need."

On being the `hunted' rather than the `hunter'...
"I think toward the end of the year we were hunted as well. And I think it the Big 12 tournament you could say that as well. I think we played well enough this year that people know that we are good and again you are pleased as a coach that the NCAA rewards playing teams on the road and doing well in the non-conference and looks at the body of work. We are pleased with everything."

Senior Guard Tweety Carter
On being able to play close to his hometown of Reserve, La...
"It is a blessing. I played at home once and I am just happy to be back and playing in front of my home crowd."

On being selected as a three seed...
"It is great. I am excited. We worked for it. We played every game. We came to practice every day. We pushed each other every day and we got each other better. I think this program deserved what they got tonight."

On the experience this year compared to the 2008 selection show two years ago...
"Last time we were just hoping we got in. This year we knew we were in and it was just a matter of where we were going to play. And God has blessed us, for me and Lace (LaceDarius Dunn), to play at home."

On this year's team compared with the team from two years ago...
"This is a different team. All year we have been going against some top teams and performing well. For all of our young guys, this is going to be a different experience. Going through the NCAA tournament is going to be different for everybody. Everybody has different feelings. We have to take it like it is any other game and play our style of basketball and not get too caught up in that `we just made it'. We want to do more than just `make it'."

Junior Guard LaceDarius Dunn
On the goals that are still to be accomplished...
"We still have a long ways to go. We reached a couple of goals but we have not reached the big one yet. It is coming up. We are going to go down there and take it one game at a time and stay focused and not get caught up in all of the pride and all of the fame. Like I said we are going down there and we are going to play."

On being confident going into the tournament...
"I am always feeling confident but right now I am sure that the whole team is confident right now. With us and the way we have been playing and the things we have accomplished this year as a team. Like I said, just staying together; I think if we just stay together as a team we will do just fine in the tournament."



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