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Monday Media Day Quotes

March 17, 2008

Baylor Head Coach Scott Drew:

On Purdue:

"It's a great matchup from the standpoint that their strength is in their perimeter and a lot of great guard play, they have size and length in their guards, but they rely on their three point shot like we do. So it will be a very exciting game for fans to watch."


"Purdue has such a successful year with as many guards as they play - a lot of time four guards and sometimes five guards at one time. We do match up well at that standpoint. Our five guard rotation can go up against anybody in the country."


On Purdue's similarity to other Big 12 teams:

"They would be similar to Colorado. In some instances Purdue will actually play five guards at one time. So coming off a game where we faced a lot of guards that's something that will hopefully help with preparation. Definitely not the Princeton style offense though, which will make things different."




On postseason experience:

"The great thing is the Big 12 tournament prepares you for the NCAA tournament from the standpoint that the arenas are the same, the environments are the same, and the structure is the same. So our guys that have been in the Big 12 tournament for the past few years they have that. Purdue is a young team as well, so normally when you go to tournament time, you're facing another team that has experience, but both our teams are fairly new to that."


On the media:

"It's a great opportunity for Baylor to be put out in the national spotlight. That's one thing we want to do is make sure we get our players and coaches with any kind of interview that would help with positive publicity. "


On team's preparation:

"The best thing for us was that Colorado game from the standpoint that nobody liked that taste of that. I think we're anxious to play again and we've had a couple of good days of practice. I think we're definitely going to have a better performance."


"In the last couple days of practice we've been focused. And we know what we need to do, and that will take care of them not being too excited. Right now I am probably worried about them being a little sore."


"When you go into a tournament, the big thing is distractions. You just want to make sure they're able to focus on the game and again after the Big 12 tournament we won't have a problem with that.  We're definitely going to be ready."


Baylor guard Aaron Bruce:

On having digested tournament selection:

"Not really. I think after we left here last night, everyone was pretty relieved. But we had to worry about all the things we had to get done for class today. I actually did some reading and tried to do a paper."


On making a fast turnaround from selection to game:

"I can't parallel it with anything else that I have experienced here because it just hasn't happened. It was exciting and a great thing to experience. I am glad so many showed up and supported us. I really enjoy that fast pace, go somewhere and practice, prepare and have a quick turnaround and do it all over again. That is the way it is in the professional leagues and in the NBA--gather a lot of information quickly, do your scout, and prepare. Doing recovery, stretching, and eating are just as big as part as doing ball handling or going over your offense. It really tests a team's preparation skills and tests the full spectrum of what it takes to be a big time team."


On changing mindset for a tournament game:

"You really have to keep a level head, stay composed, and stay concentrated. When it comes down to it, it is just another game. Everybody is so close as far as skill level goes, preparation is pretty much the same for everybody, it comes down to what you want to do on the night. That's why you want to rebound and take charges, all those 1% things that don't necessarily show up on the stat sheet, that's what wins games in tournaments, so we need to take care of that."


On dealing with tournament pressure:

"At the end of the day it is still basketball, it is still fun, and we love what we are doing. If you can't have fun at the NCAA tournament, I don't know what you are doing. We will just go and take it all in and at the same time we will be sharp."


On last night's selection:

"I think last night summed up every reason I could have come up with as to why I wanted to come to Baylor. The emotion and everything kind of culminated last night. We were kind of rewarded in that one second that are name flashed up on the screen. Right now, it happened so quickly, we are just trying to juggling everything, and that is what we are doing."


Baylor guard Henry Dugat:

On tournament selection:

"I am feeling alright now, but when I woke up this morning I was still on a high. Eventually we are going to have to settle down and get back on track. It was an unbelievable feeling."


On response from family and friends:

"Everybody has just been so happy for us--telling us how proud they are of us, and we don't want to let them down."


On how Colorado loss can help:

"We know we can't go into that game relaxed, we have to bring it every game."


Baylor guard Curtis Jerrells :

On how to match-up with Purdue:

"We know they are a good or they would not be where they are. We are going to watch the tape on them and figure it out in the next few days."


On quick turnaround from selection to game:

"That is totally fine, because the thing that means the most is the game. You spend a lot of time behind those doors, practicing with no one in the gym, the quicker the game the better."


On staying loose:

"I think we are at our best when we are loose, when we think about it too much and try to do too much things don't work for us. With the guys we got on our team, we just play loose and have fun."

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