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Men's Basketball

Perry Jones III Press Conference Quotes

April 11, 2011

  Head Coach Scott Drew

Opening Statement…
“I am just going to open it up and say that it is great having the family here and this is Perry’s decision, his family’s decision. I know what every decision he makes we will all support and be happy for because he is family and we love him.”

On the decision…
“I think from his teammates’ standpoint and from our coaches’ standpoint we are most excited about just being able to spend another year with Perry the person. As the basketball player he has a special God-given ability in size and talent, but what really makes him special is the type of person he is and that is why his teammates were jumping up and down when he said that. Quincy’s (Acy) jaw dropped. I know that is why we are most excited and again that goes to his parents, his mom and dad raised him the right way.”

On where he can get better…
“One that is typical of taller players is they take a little longer to put on the size and strength, because they have obviously grown longer. Players that are 6’10” or 7’, there best basketball is when they are 32 or 34 down the road. Perry is going to continue to get better and better. He might retire a little quicker than that, but again his best basketball is always going to be ahead of him. Every year you just see him getting better and better, because he is so full of potential and as long as he keeps that work ethic and keeps that drive to get better, which is God-given as well. He is a gym rat."

  Perry Jones III

Opening Statement...
“First of all, I want to thank Baylor for everything they have done for me and my family. I really believe that I can grow as a player and as a person if I stay one more year at Baylor University. This is a pretty tough decision. I have been talking to my mom and dad over the past couple of months but this is the decision I think is right. I am very happy to be playing with my teammates for one more year. ”

on what factors went into his decision…
“The whole college experience with my teammates. That was a big part of this decision. Having fun with them. Just enjoying everything, just enjoying life with them. I do not want to cut that short and just leave out of nowhere. I want to have another good time like I did this year.”

On needing another year to develop as a player…
“I think another year of development can only make things better for me. It cannot get worse with another year of development.”

On the part of his game that needs the most improvement…
“My motor. To be able to keep playing consistently throughout the entire 40 minutes of the game.”

On when he made his decision…
“A couple of days ago. That is when we made the decision final. Talking to my parents once again and they told me they supported me so I felt like it was the right thing to do.”

On the influence of his coaches and teammates…
“Pretty much just the fact that I opened up to the coaches and I also opened up to my teammates. I am usually not the type of person that talks a lot. I am just real quiet and mellow, but I see them as my brothers and I see Baylor University as my family.”

On the prospects of next year’s team…
“I get a chance to play with everybody that I did not get to play with this year; Brady (Heslip), Gary (Franklin), Cory (Jefferson). Just playing with the guys I get to compete with everyday in practice.”

On potentially playing with a chip on his shoulder…
“Definitely, even if I would have went there would have been a chip on my shoulder. You cannot avoid the chip.”

On avoiding the hype of the NBA Draft…
“It was hard. I mean you see it and that is your dream all of your life. You see you can go number one. I mean it is in the back of my mind but I know that this is the right choice. I prayed about it and it guided me to this decision.”

  Terri Jones

 On her son’s decision…
“I just want to say that it has been a tough decision, but we wanted to do what is best for Perry as far as life is concerned. I don’t want him to make a jump decision or a snap decision about anything, so we did take time to think about it with no outside influences. His decision was solely based on how he felt as a man. I am realy proud of him for making this decision and I am just here to support him.”

On what makes her happy to have her son back at Baylor…
“I know that he can get more strength as far as psychically and mentally as well. Coming from high school and then spending one year in college is a big transition in its self. I just wanted to make sure that he felt like he was ready. I didn’t want it to be a lot of pressure on him, while this was going on. If he feels like he needs to get stronger here then that is what he needs to do. I don’t want to go out and he is not stronger enough or feel like he is not stronger enough to contend with the players that are out there.”

  Perry Jones Jr.

 On the decision…
“I am proud of him also, if his decision was to start swimming I would still be behind him 100 percent. I would like to thank Baylor and his teammates also.”



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