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LaceDarius Dunn Press Conference Quotes

April 15, 2010

Dunn to Return for Senior Season Release

APRIL 15, 2010

Junior Shooting Guard LaceDarius Dunn

Opening Statement...
"I just want to first start off talking about my time here at Baylor. It has been a great season. I want to wish Ekpe Udoh the best of luck (with the NBA). It was a great season. I want to thank the team and all of the players for such a great season. But, I have a decision to make. I just want to say that I'm not declaring for the (NBA) draft and I will be back next year.

"This is a great decision. I talked with my family members and coaches that I needed to in order to make this decision. It has been a long week and it has been tough. I had time to get my mind together to figure out what I was going to do. I knew that I wanted to be back here with this team and this coaching staff. This is part of the Baylor tradition. We got close this year so one of my goals is to come back next year and go further (in the NCAA Tournament). I also wanted to come back and get my degree. If I can do both of those, that would be great."

On weighing his NBA Draft options...
"I was really just riding the fence. I was in the middle. I didn't know which way I was going to go. I just had to talk to the right people and just get the right information that I needed. I did that. I thank my mom because she gave me the right information that I needed. They told me what they told me and most importantly I just prayed about it. Every night I was just praying for God to give me the strength to make the right decision that would be best for me and my family."

On his time at Baylor...
"Since I have been here, this has been my second family. They have really made me feel at home. I knew there would be no doubt for me to come back and be here with this coaching staff and this team. I knew everybody was holding their breath wondering what I was going to do, but like I said, I think I made the right decision."

Head Coach Scott Drew

On what Dunn will bring to the team as a senior leader...
"Anytime that you can have a player the caliber of Lace come back to your team and help you as a senior leader (that is huge). He has improved every year that he has been here. This is a tremendous lift for our team. I know that several people have us picked in the top 10 (next season), but we don't put much stock in predictions. I do know that we have a better chance to reach our full potential with a guy like LaceDarius Dunn."

On the talent level of LaceDarius Dunn...
"Lace is a player that could play with anybody in the country. The fact that he chooses to come back and play with his teammates and help his team reach their full potential, dreams and goals (is big). Hopefully next year when it is time for the draft, he will be in a much better position because of the time and work that he has put in. We are excited about that."

On next season...
"I think this year we had great upperclassmen leadership and he was a part of that. I think next year's upperclassmen leadership has a chance to be just as successful. Obviously Lace is a part of that. Every year you try build (on the previous year). Tweety (Carter), Josh (Lomers) and Ekpe (Udoh) want this team to be better than they were because you always want more success for the people following you."



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