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Quotes: Cory Jefferson Returning for Senior Season

April 25, 2013

Baylor Junior F Cory Jefferson

His decision ...
"I'm going to go ahead and end it right now. I will be returning for another year."

On what went into his decision:
"Everything went into this decision - it's probably one of the biggest decisions of my life. Before this, the toughest decision was to redshirt, but that decision was a breeze compared to this one. It was a lot of thinking, and a lot of praying constantly. Prayer was the biggest one."

On the improvements he will make for next season:
"Everything can always be better, that's how I see it. I want to improve everything I did this season, and make it better for next year."

On who helped him make his decision:
"Coaches here, old coaches to see how they felt, my family was a big help to me, especially my mom and my uncle."

On being a fifth-year senior:
"I feel a lot of it falls on me. Being a fifth-year guy, everyone is going to look to me as a leader if I want to or not. But, I'm willing to step up to take that position, I have no problem with it."

On the support from Baylor Nation:
"I felt I got a great deal of support from all of Baylor Nation. Whenever they could they told me how much they appreciated me and told me what they felt I should do, especially at the spring game."

Head Coach Scott Drew
On Cory's decision:
"He didn't tell us, we gave him some information and then he wanted some time to think. Everybody on the team, everyone in the community, they love Cory and at the same time respect him enough to let him make a decision about what he thought was best for his future. We're glad it's with us and I know the team is really excited because everyone loves being a teammate of Cory's."

On Cory being a fifth-year senior:
"Cory is somebody that being a fifth-year senior, everybody listens to and respects him. This is a great opportunity for him to be more vocal. I know that is something Cory is looking forward to doing because he cares a lot about Baylor University and cares about his teammates. When you are 22 years old it helps playing against guys who are four or five years younger than you. But, the biggest thing is the confidence and experience they can pass on to the younger teammates."



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