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Udoh Working on Degree During NBA Lockout

Ekpe Udoh

July 7, 2011

By Jerry Hill
Baylor Bear Insider

After spending the last year in the city-to-city world of the NBA, learning the ropes as a rookie with the Golden State Warriors, Ekpe Udoh had to transition back to another world this summer.

"It's been terrible," said Udoh, who's back in the classroom to finish up his last 14 hours for his undergraduate degree at Baylor. "I've been trying to get back adjusted to waking up at 7 o'clock, trying to get breakfast and then going to class. There's just a lot of information. Anatomy is the toughest class I have. At first, I was kind of sacred of it. But now I'm starting to embrace it. It's kind of fun."

With the NBA lockout closing in on its first full week, Udoh is back in Waco training and on pace to graduate at the end of the summer before the start of his second year in the NBA.

"It's very exciting to finally get that diploma saying you've done it," said Udoh, who led the Bears to an NCAA Tournament Elite Eight appearance in 2010 after transferring from Michigan. "Now you have grad school and all that, but just to get that piece of paper means a lot."

Especially to his mom and dad back home in Edmond, Okla.

"My father, that's all he preaches is education," Udoh said



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