Baylor-TCU Postgame Quotes

Sept. 3, 2006

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On missed opportunities:
 "We had a lot of opportunities. We just didn't take advantage. We couldn't seem to find a rhythm and we couldn't find someone to make a big play with us. I felt like in the second half our whole ball club was playing to not get beat. We weren't plaing to win."

 "I'm tired of these kind of games. It's still a loss. We need to find a way to win these games. Bottom line, we didn't make enough plays to get it done."

On TCU's 84-yard touchdown:
 "That was a blown coverage. We probably just didn't communicate well."

On the players:
 "I know they are dissappointed. I guess we all are; but, we don't have time to wallow in our own pity. We're going to see if we can get the train moving here in the next week."

On Shawn Bell:
 "(He was) not bad; but, I've seen Shawn (Bell), and I thought he was kind of tentative. We've got to be more of a gun slinger type, and I thought he was a little tight."

BAYLOR QB Shawn Bell
On the offense:
   "Offensively, I think we moved the ball well, we just shot ourselves in the foot a couple of times. "

  "That's part of our offense, it's an up and down offense. Terrence (Parks) had a great ball game.  One game Terrence will have a good game, the next it'll be (Dominique) Zeigler, Trey (Payne) or Trent (Shelton)."

On TCU's Defense:
   "Hats off to their defense because they bent but didn't break.  Hats off to their defensive coordinator.  All in all, they did what we expected, the plays were there for us, a couple of misshaps and it would've been a different outcome."

On missed opportunities:
  "We were dissappointed in the way we played,  All we can do is make corrections because we can't change the past.  One loss can't end the season, we have 11 more to prove what kind of program we are."



BAYLOR WR Trent Shelton
On his one handed catch:
  "It's my strong hand, I've made catches like that before, but not to that extent.  This one just happened to stick."

On the red zone:
   "We made a lot of mental mistakes. We're going to have to go to practice and work on the red zone.  Our coaches are doing a good job of emphasizing the red zone in practice. We're going to have to take it more seriously."

On TCU's 84-yard touchdown:
  "We had a miscommunication in the secondary. I take the blame for what happened."

  "You'll see us next week, the outcome will be different, it will be better. We shot ourselves in the foot."

On Baylor: 
"They are really good on defense here. They had all spring and two a days to get ready for us. They have got good coaches, good players and they are going to keep getting better."

On practice leading up to the game:
"It paid off, those guys were dropping and we kept going"

On Baylor:
"We knew they were tired in the second quarter; but, we kept on."

On Baylor:
"They are a good football team, I give them credit. They fought well, but the second half we had to get it done."


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