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Baylor, TCU Postgame Quotes

Sept. 3, 2011

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BAYLOR (1-0) 50, 14/15 TCU (0-1) 48
SEPT. 2, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 43,753

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles
Opening statement…
“Those are classic games, against a really good football team. TCU, and I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I think they’ve lost two games since 2009, so that’s a hard team to beat. When you win a bunch you think you’re supposed to win a bunch, and our guys really just kept fighting, kept believing and perservered. I never saw any doubt on the sideline, even when it got bad there in the fourth quarter and really had some really kind of strange things happen. We hurt ourselves with field position throughout the special teams most of the night. But honestly we had a good one, the return by DJ (Darius Jones) and that was about the highlight of our night, from that stand point if you don’t count the last field goal. That was a pretty good highlight. I’ll have to watch the tape to see it because I didn’t witness it in person. I just watched the snap and hold, and when I saw that it was good, I thought we’ll make it because he’s pretty solid, especially inside the 40. It was a good win and great atmosphere.”

On the play late in the fourth quarter with the pass to Robert Griffin III from Kendall Wright...
“We actually had that in the series earlier in the game and just never got to it because the sequence didn’t fill all the way out. We felt like it was a good look by what we thought we’d get defensively. Actually Robert ran a good route because we really thought he’d get the ball about eight or nine yards. Kendall, an ex-high school quarterback, made a big-time throw and it gave us a little life. Maybe a little momentum to get going as you saw on the other side.”

On what this means to the program...
It just means that we’re doing what we’re supposed to do. This best not be the highlight of our season. It’s like we told our guys, we weren’t really counting this game as 2011. We said from day one, we’re just going out and playing TCU. We’re not worried about how it counts toward one loss, bowl game, none of that. We felt like we had it right or wrong. So we weren’t even concerned about it. Our football season starts tomorrow. 2011 starts tomorrow.”

On the final drive...
“That’s a big-time deal, that’s not easy to do when you have zero momentum. And you’re in a home crowd, but the other team is making noise. And that’s not an easy thing to do. That’s some guts to be able to do that in that situation because those are guys who have maturity, that have confidence and that understand what the game is. We’re not playing with young guys. Robert’s been here four years, Kendall’s been here four years, Terrance Ganaway’s a fifth year guy, Terrance Williams, Lanear (Sampson), they’re both three-year guys. These guys have been on the field a lot. Our whole line is all experienced, so we’ve got some people on the field who know what they’re doing.”

Junior QB Robert Griffin III
On his opening drive…
“The guys did a good job stepping up and executing the third down play. That hit still hurt me, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to help your team win. This is definitely a good team win.”

On seeing that big hit…
“(I thought) I am about to get hit real hard. It hurts, but I needed to make it happen to make up for what I did on the previous drive. I couldn’t talk for about two plays. [Terrance] Ganaway had to call the plays.”

On taking this game personally…
“No, you try not to do that. It wasn’t about revenge. They played good last year, and we didn’t. This year we came out and we executed.”

Senior IR Kendall Wright
On RG3’s hit…
“I knew he was getting hit. We worked on that [play] during practice all week, and it looked the exact same.“

On being a deep threat…
“I scored a deep pass, Terrance (Williams) scored a deep pass. We have a lot of receivers who can go deep and make big plays.”

Sophomore PK Aaron Jones
On the game-winning field goal…
“It was great. It’s something, as a kid, that you dream of. That’s your goal in life, to be the piece on the team that makes it all happen.“

On the atmosphere towards the end of the game…
“It was kind of tense, really. [But] I felt relaxed, I felt good and confident in my team, the field goal unit and confident in myself. [The team] is coming up to me and [saying], ‘Hey, you’re good, relax.’ I felt fine, and we did a good job.“

TCU head coach Gary Patterson
Opening statement…
“You can’t let six balls go over your head and expect to win a ball game. That hasn’t been TCU football, and you have to give Baylor a lot of credit, because they were the ones who came out and did what they needed to do, even on that final drive to get the field goal. Like I told my team, it’s one of the very few times I’ve played in a ball game where I felt like we won two sides of the ball and got beat. We played so badly on defense, especially at the corner position, that we just couldn’t overcome it. You’ve got to give Baylor all the credit, and you’ve got to understand that they did a great job. Robert Griffin and his wide receivers were getting the ball over our heads and going about their business. It’s like I told Casey (Pachall), there’s no such thing as a bad incomplete pass, we’d like to just kick a long field goal just to see if you could get a chance to finish the ball game. Outside of that I told them I was proud of them, and the special teams played great. I thought back to the middle of the third quarter defensively we tried to fight back, and our offense kept coming. We had guys cramping up, because they were playing so hard, and we had some younger wide receivers come in and make some plays. It’s one of those games where you had to make about two more plays to win a ball game, and we didn’t do it.”

On how he expects the team to bounce back after a tough loss...
“I told them not to feel sorry for themselves. I had guys looking up for somebody to look to for sympathy, and we are not one of those types of programs. We are not a program that gets moral victories, that’s not what TCU does. I thought they showed unbelievable class and unbelievable determination in the way they trained to come back in the third and fourth quarter and get back in that ball game and go ahead. We were even going to try an onside kick on the last kick before they took the last drive, and I chickened out. It was there, I should’ve done it, and we thought we could stop them one more time and we didn’t do it. So the bottom line to it is that I as a coach didn’t make enough plays myself, and I didn’t get good enough calls on defense to put people in good situations where they could make plays. Bottom line is you’ve got to make a play.”

Assessing play of Sophomore QB Casey Pachall in his first game...
“There’s a lot of things he’s got to work on. Number one, we left some points on the board, and you can’t throw down the middle of the field with 16 seconds and throw a pick. There were two other people open, the drive before where we kicked a field goal, we had a guy running a wheel route for a touchdown, so there’s a lot of problems. But asking me after having Andy Dalton for four years, and to have a guy coming in against a Big 12 team in their house and do what he did; I was very happy with what he did. I was very happy with the offense as a whole. They put up 38 points against a Big 12 defense.”

Sophomore QB Casey Pachall
About coming up just short after almost leading team to come-from-behind victory...
“Coming into halftime we were down by a little bit, and in the locker room nobody was down, nobody was pouting or giving in, we all knew we had to come back. Everybody stepped up and we did what we had to do.”

On experience gained after first collegiate start at QB...
“I did learn a lot going out there. Of course, it wasn’t what anybody would expect from their first start, but I learned a lot of things and we’ll be ready come next week.”

On what he looks to improve on the rest of the season...
“Next week as an offense we have to maintain our ability to move the ball, our intensity, and our energy that we bring each series we go out there. We have to expect to score every time we go out there.”



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