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Baylor, SMU Postgame Quotes

Sept. 2, 2012

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RV/RV BAYLOR (1-0) 59, SMU (0-1) 29
SEPT. 2, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 43,514

  Head Coach Art Briles
Opening Statement...
"First off I appreciate y'all coming out on a Sunday. I though that we had an outstanding crowd. I was very excited that as we got to the stadium for the "March of the Bears" there was a large group of fans. We felt all the energy from the crowd. For a Sunday afternoon, Labor Day weekend game, I thought our student support was fabulous and a big advantage for us. You don't get many advantages in this game. So when you can take them, you've got to use them. I thought that our guys did a great job tonight of using the home-field advantage. We're getting where when you play at Floyd Casey Stadium, it's a tough ticket for opponents. We've got to keep being a tough game for other teams. I was really proud of our guys. It was a complete team effort tonight on both sides of the ball. Special teams including (Aaron Jones's) field goal at the end of the half, return team and coverage team was solid. Defensively when the game was on the line, I thought they made some huge plays. The play where Eddie (Lackey) intercepted the ball from (Mike) Hicks' bobble, was a huge turnover. We took the ball from the offensive side and capitalized on it. That's what you have to do. Our pick-up for the touchdown in the second half was extremely important. Stuff like that really gives you a chance to win the football game in a powerful fashion, and that's what our guys did tonight. We felt like we needed to come out and see what we were, like everyone else, we weren't sure. We felt like we knew what we had - an anxious, eager football team ready to prove themselves. I think they showed that tonight."

On what he learned about his team tonight...
"I think we're a tough football team, without a question. I think we're a team that knows how to win, that believes they're going to win and can certainly play in spurts of dynamic qualities on both sides of the ball. It is hard to maintain that for a full 60 minutes, but when you have the ability to explode on either side, then you have a chance to have a really good football team. I think that as the season goes on, we'll grow and learn, but I was certainly proud of their effort tonight because we had a lot of respect for SMU. This was a big, big game for us. We are really happy that they rose up to the challenge and took care of business."

On quarterback Nick Florence's performance...
"Nick was Nick, and that's what you are going to love about him. That's what we love about Nick: he's going to be that way every time he steps on the football field. He's an intelligent, passionate, driven player that places himself second. Those are all very good qualities to have at that position. He's going to continue improving. Honestly for him percentage-wise tonight, it was a little low. I think he was 21-for-30. Through spring ball and practices he is usually in the high 80s. I'm not a mathematician, but that's the lower 70s."

On the defense's performance...
"I saw a lot of guys making plays out on the field: a lot of swarming, a lot of effort, and a tough mentality attitude. We may have bent a little bit, but we did not break. Three points at the half. You can check scoreboards across the nation and see that there were not a lot of teams with only three points at the half. Especially a team like SMU because they are a good football team. They came off an 8-5 bowl-winning season. I thought that Coach (Phil) Bennett, the staff and our players certainly responded and did well."

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence
On his performance...
"I thought it was a good performance, but I want to get better. I wanted zero incompletions. I thought it was a great first start, but I want to keep getting better. I had a blast out there."

On his performance...
"It was a great team performance. I told y'all you would be surprised by our defense this year and I think they showed up tonight. As an offense you couldn't ask for a better game from your defense. I couldn't be more pleased and everyone played great. Even the second string guys came in and showed that they can play too."

On this game versus his freshman season...
"My freshman year I was nervous more than anything. Tonight and leading up to this, I was excited. I just wanted an opportunity to play ball and play this game. God created me for this and I just want to glorify him with it. I just want to have fun and help my teammates win. We're in this together."

 Junior Safety Sam Holl
On the defense...
"I thought we had a great first half. We wanted to come out fast and physical. I feel like we did that for the most part. We could've had a better second half. We didn't want to let up as much as we did. We'll fix that."

On the turnovers...
"The turnovers were great for our team. We knew we were going to have to get turnovers for offense. We know offense is going to put up points, we just have to get the ball back to them."

 Junior Linebacker Eddie Lackey
On the defense pressure...
"When we had the opportunity we made it happen. We were able to come up big with turnovers. Making plays on turnovers was the key."

On SMU...
"They had a couple of plays here and there, but overall we made our adjustments and we were able to correct ourselves. And we came up with the win in the end."

  Head Coach June Jones
On QB Garrett Gilbert's performance...
"I thought he did some good things. It was a tough first game. Tips were unfortnaute, but I thought he did some good things. He's just got to keep learning and keep getting better. I saw enough good things in him that I believe that he's the right kind of guy."

  Junior Quarterback Garrett Gilbert
On playing his first game...
"It was good to get back out there and play again. I had fun with the guys. Obviously, things didn't go the way we wanted to on the field. I was proud of our team for continuing to compete and put some points up there in the end, but we've got to get better. We've got a lot of work to do. I've got to play better. We can't turn the ball over in the redzon. We can't shoot ourselves in the foot the way we did. We've just got to continue to improve, and that starts tomorrow."

  Senior Defensive Back Ryan Smith
On playing through mistakes...
"We can't have [the penalties]. We had some mental lapses, and pretty much gave them the ball back when we had three and outs a couple of times. Those types of mistakes we can't have as a defense. If you give any type of offense like that room to breathe, they're going to take advantage of it. That's exactly what Baylor did. Taking nothing against them, they're a great team, we definitely beat ourselves on a couple of plays, whether they would be penalties or mental errors. That's the stuff we need to go back to the film room and check out, see where we can improve, and make sure we correct them for the next game."


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