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Baylor-Sam Houston State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 4, 2010

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BAYLOR (1-0) 34, SAM HOUSTON STATE (0-1) 3
SEPT. 4, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 42,831

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...
"First of all, outstanding crowd. It was the way college football is suppose to be. The walk before the game was very inspirational. It made our players feel very responsible, to a certain extent, to take care of business and doing what we need to do to support our university and make sure that we do a great job because we have a lot of people who are pulling for us, wanting us to do well and loving us and we need to return the favor. I was very thankful for that, the people who made all of that happen to get the people excited and get them in the stands. The game, if we play defense like that every week we are going to win a lot of football games. The defense was very dominating. I thought they did a great job of running to the football. They really did not give up much. The only big drive they had, I think they got it after a penalty on a third down that was a non-conversion, so I was really pleased with them defensively. Offensively, I thought we just really left a lot of stuff on the table. They were pretty aggressive with their philosophy from a defensive standpoint. They took some chances. They kind of dictated us what they wanted us to do and we did not do a great job of taking advantage of it from an offensive standpoint. The good thing is that we have got a lot of improvement from that side. The special teams were pretty solid across the board. We had the good punt return that got called back because of a penalty. Aaron Jones made two out of three. He missed about a 48 yarder and then made a couple of medium range field goals. So it was good that those guys got out there and did their job. (Derek) Epperson, I do not think certainly lived up to the standards he had set for himself or that we had, but he will. You do not all of a sudden get bad if you are good. That part of it is good and the bottom line is we are 1-0 and that is all that matters. That is where we will go from here and we will get ready for Buffalo next week."

On Robert Griffin's performance...
"I thought he made some plays. I thought he kept some stuff alive, especially early in the game for us. I really think we came out with a lot of energy and a lot of emotion. I do think we tailed off a little bit. I think it happened to us in the second half when we busted the run on the first play to go up 28. I think we lost a little bit of our mental toughness so to speak. I thought overall he played really well for being out of the game for a year. I am sure when you ask him there are a couple of things that he would like to have back, but there are about 40 that I would like to have back. So he is beating me on the batting average there. "

On the energy coming into the game...
"A bunch of it without a doubt. And like I said, the walk was very inspirational. It is the way college football is and is suppose to be. I honestly think we might have pressured just a little bit, because we could tell when we looked around there were a lot of people behind our backs, which is good. It is a great thing.  A lot of people had our back and that is good. That part of it is very inspiring and it is very exciting for next week against Buffalo."

Sophomore Quarterback Robert Griffin III

On the first hit...
"I knew it was going to come, and I bounced up just like I said I would. I'm a man of my word. It never feels good to get hit but I got hit pretty good a few times today and it felt so good to be back in the atmosphere of a football game."

On the crowd...
"It's very inspiring. Even the walk before the game, it feels good! It makes you feel like you're playing college football. I know a lot of teams around the nation do things like that and we're going to start it and hopefully the tradition will continue to grow."

Senior Offensive Tackle Danny Watkins

On Robert Griffin...
"He is the same Rob He's still the wizard back there. I mean, at times we weren't clicking on offense but we're going to get better every week."

On the fans...
"It's really good for us to know that people are rallying behind us and that the community is behind Baylor football, so it's all positive. We've never seen that much support before."

Senior Linebacker Antonio Johnson

On not getting a shutout...
"It didn't bring our hopes down. We were expecting for them not to score, but it's football and things happen. We still won."

On the game...
"This is my senior year, and it felt really good walking out there for my first game and knowing that I had to make a statement for the Bears and for myself to show people how the season is going to go."



Sam Houston State Head Coach Willie Fritz

Opening statement...
"We had a couple chances to get some points and we didn't take advantage of it. We are a young, young team on offense. Right now, early in the season you can't afford to make mistakes. It was a critical play when we fumbled the ball when we got the turnover on the punt team and the very next play we turned it over. That hurt us and they got a little momentum. When you play a team like that you have to make sure you are playing down. We had too many guys get over the top of us. We also made some critical plays in the kicking game too. We are learning how to play hard. We are still not there yet, but we are learning how to do it and we are competing on ever single play. We just have a bunch of young guys. We have five seniors. Not only are we a young team, we have a new coaching staff too. We made mistakes as a coaching staff too. We will be better as far as the coaching staff."

On defense's play...
"We came up with some big plays. We were out there a lot. It is a tough ball game when you are not moving the ball offensively. We have to stay over the top. We didn't do a great job of that. I thought we were blitzing on egg shells a little bit. Again, first game working out the kinks. We are going to get a lot better and we will be a lot better in two weeks."

On what his team is taking away from the game...
"The thing I am looking forward to is really evaluating that tape and looking at what kind of effort we played with and what kind of guys are competing. The guys that really are doing it are going to play more and the guys that weren't doing it will play less."

Sophomore Cornerback Robert Shaw

On the defense...
"When we are playing a good team like Baylor, it is hard to win giving up four big plays. We have to limit the big plays and be consistent on everything you do and that hurt us a lot. We didn't give enough effort."

On defending against Robert Griffin III...
"It all came down to assignments. We had people in wrong gaps, wrong holes and when that happens, big players make big things happen, so we tried to eliminate that."

On opening the game...

"Everyone has the butterflies going into the first series, but after that we felt we could play with these guys, but we didn't keep up with that"

Senior Quarterback Bryan Randolph

On the offense's performance...
"Definitely, in the first half we struggled a bit. I think it was jitters for most of these guys including me. It is a Big 12 stage and some guys were a little nervous. Once we got the ball rolling and took a couple of hits we were ok. We were moving the ball a little bit, but when you play a team like that you have to have some explosive plays and we didn't have that tonight."

On second half adjustments...
We went back to our short game. They were giving us seven yards off, so we were taking the short stuff."

On what Baylor did defensively...
"They were a little quicker than us. They are a Big 12 school, so that is going to happen. They are little bit bigger, but other than that I thought our offensive line did a good job. They brought a couple blitzes that we couldn't pick up and that was about it."




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