Baylor 42, Rice 17

Sept. 8, 2007

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Baylor Head Coach Guy Morris


On the Game:

"We needed to play fast, more furious, and finish each play, finish drives, and I was pleased to see that. We jumped out on them pretty quick; I was excited. That one is easy to get excited about. Our whole game was better, more focused, more energy, and we played faster."


On Protecting the QB:

"Our kids were really focused and running sharp, crisp routes. That was the difference. I thought protection was particularly good tonight."


"I thought our whole game was better tonight, more focused, more energy and just faster."


On Defense:

"For our defense to go out there and throw up a wall was really good to see. We work on that kind of stuff, the sudden change, and so we challenged the defense a little this week. It doesn't matter how many times we turn the ball over, they have to go out there and throw up a wall and keep that offense out of the end zone, and they did a great job."


On Baylor Offense Guard Chad Smith:

"I think he held up fine. I think his condition is not what he would like it to be. For taking almost two weeks off, he played well. We will probably have to give him so rest this week, which may affect his condition. But if he can get through 50 percent of the plays in any particular game, we will be happy with that at this point."


On Baylor Quarterback Blake Szymanski:

"He had a nice game. I thought Lee (Hayes) did a nice job of calling plays, and everyone around him did a good job. I don't think we were as surprised as some of the people in the stands because we know that he can do it. It's just a matter of everyone rallying around him and doing a good job. I think he did a good job of just relaxing and not trying to press, and not feeling he had to win the game by himself."



Baylor Quarterback Blake Szymanski:


On how he feels post TCU:

"This is big. We wanted to get that bad taste out of our mouth. It kind of sticks to you until you get that first win."


On dealing with pressure:

"I always put a lot of pressure on myself. Coach Hayes puts pressure on me each week."


On breaking school Touch Down record:

"It's awesome to have an accolade like that, but we have to come back next week and be ready to play. We can't stay on this high."



Baylor Running Back Brandon Whitaker:

On winning after the TCU loss:

"We weren't going to accept less than a win. Finish it, finish it, finish it."


On improving the running game:

"There is always room for improvement. We will be ready for it come conference time."




Rice head coach David Bailiff


On the game:

"They didn't do anything we wanted to see. They didn't have any new game plans. We had our hands on eight balls. We have to make plays when we have those types of opportunities."


"Our biggest problem was communication. We need to work on trust. All 11 people have to be on the same page....There were times we had some communication errors out there and we can't have those."


"When you have a chance in the red zone you have to come out with points."


On Szymanski:

"I thought he stood in the pocket and made big plays. We had chances to take the ball away and we had a lot of drops. That changes a football game."



Rice QB Chase Clement


On the game:

"We have just had struggles with timing. I think we hurt ourselves. It's not the offense we're used to, we've got to make more plays."


"Being sacked and having penalties stops drives."


On how to improve:

"We need to continue to do reps and make plays. We need to keep fighting and studying film...We need to work on making plays at crucial moments."



Rice WR Jarett Dillard


On the game:

"We came out with so much fire, and we feel like we should have won that game. It was extremely hard. They came with intensity and we didn't play like we wanted to win."


"I can deal with losing by one or two, but I can't deal with losing by 30 or 40 points. That's not what I'm used to."


On Baylor's defense:

"I expected a double team, and that's what they did."



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