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Baylor, Buffalo Postgame Quotes

Sep 7, 2013

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23/RV BAYLOR (2-0, 0-0) 70, Buffalo (0-2) 13
Sep 7, 2013 • ATTENDANCE: 39,126

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"We're 2-0 and that's right where we wanted to be after two weeks. I was proud of the way our guys responded after an early drive by Buffalo. I think that's smart to do. Our job as a team was to try to destroy this team early. I thought when it was all said and done, they didn't even get on our side of the field for two or three possessions. I thought our guys responded extremely well, executed defensively about as well as we have in awhile. The first quarter our guys got a few shots in there, [Bryce] Hager with that fumble return -- that just kind of put the dagger where it needed to go."

On how the offense operated this week:
"I thought we were really sharp early. You don't want to pat yourself on the back or anything, but I think our guys are confident, they know what they're doing, and we're playing at a high speed with a lot of highly-effective plays."

On playing fast:
"I thought we were fast today, at least for a little bit but we've got to see how [Jordan] Najvar is. Najvar's injury could certainly slow us down a little bit because he plays in a variety of sets in a variety of alignments. He allows us to play fast because we are able to use him in a bunch of different ways. If he's okay then I think we'll continue to see that pace."

On Bryce Petty's progress:
"He's done exactly what he's done in practice and that's a great thing. If that continues, he'll stay really effective. He's smart, he's showing a lot of maturity -- really beyond for where he's at experience-wise. So I think he's doing exactly what he needs to do for us. We're taking the football and putting it in the playmakers' hands and he's making plays."

  Quarterback Bryce Petty

On playing a fast game:
"That's our goal going into every game is to play fast. Coach Briles always tells us we dictate what they do, not the other way around, and I think that's a big key to our success. It was nothing we weren't use to. We go fast during practice and expect the same in the games."

On the team as a whole:
"We've got a great defense now. Not to say that they weren't before but everybody's kind of clicking on the same page as far as that side of the ball. Special teams is doing great. And then you know our offense - that's what we expect to do. That's our goal going in and that's something we strive to do is to put points on the board and make yards. Anytime we come out with 70 points and the yards that we had today, that's a good day for everybody."

On his performance:
"I had two really badly underthrown balls which I've got to go in and work on. But like I said it's a team win. And that is everything from the O-line to Lache [Seastruck] setting us up off the run and then letting us air it out too. That's what we expect. That's why for us to say Big 12 champs it's not just to break it out and think it's a long shot. It's reality now."

  Senior Wide Reciever Tevin Reese

On their improvement since Wofford:
"Like I said last week I think we just went back to the film on Sunday and just corrected what we needed to correct from Wofford. People really wanted to get better on this team so that's what we went into practice looking for. When we went out there we knew what we were working for and we wanted to come out here and prove it."

On Bryce Petty:
"Bryce has been waiting in the wings and he's finally proving everything he wanted to prove. Bryce is way ahead of what we thought he would be, and we're just loving it."

Senior Linebacker Eddie Lackey

On the defensive touchdown:
"It's a game-changer. It's a momentum-booster. It's everything. You get the crowd on your back and everybody's all fired up the rest of the game. When you can score on defense, it changes a lot of things and that just put the game in our favor."

Senior Safety Ahmad Dixon

On his field goal block:
"I looked to the sidelines and I told coach, `I'll make sure I block this field goal. They will not put another point on us again.' And I did that. And guys just refocused and got ready to play ball. We knew we still had a long ballgame because it was still the first quarter, but we didn't panic, we didn't get nervous about anything. We just corrected our mistakes and moved on forward from them."

On the turning point defensively:
"After the first touchdown we came to the sideline and we talked about everything we were seeing in that series. Then they come back the next series and they score again. Honestly, sometimes you just have to get a feel for it. A team that you haven't seen in a while, a team that's in a different atmosphere -- you have to figure out what they're going to be doing."

  Buffalo Head Coach Jeff Quinn

On the speed of Baylor's offense:
"They have done a good job of recruiting, we knew that their speed would be a factor. We felt like they didn't do anything spectacular other than making plays downfield, and their quarterback put the ball in their playmakers' hands."

On the difficulty of Buffalo's first two games:
"We learned a lot from these last two weeks. I felt good about last week's game against Ohio State, but this week we weren't even close to the way I felt we would hold up against Baylor. They are deserving to be in the top five right now in my opinion."

On whether the heat affected the Buffalo players:
"No I don't think the heat affected the way we played. Football is a physical game and you have to give credit to the Baylor players for going out there and spreading us out and moving the ball."

  Senior Wide Receiver Alex Neutz

On Buffalo's opening drive:
"First drive was good, opening play went 60 yards and a few plays later we were in the end zone."

On Buffalo's offensive strategy:
"We knew they played a lot of cover four and we could attack them with some deep balls by drawing the other safety off and beating their corners one on one. We were able to do that successfully a couple of times."



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