Baylor-Northwestern State Postgame Quotes

Sept. 9, 2006

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On team potential:
"We still have not played up to our potential, I don't think in both games, to be honest with you."

On second half:
"We are glad to get the win and kind of got an eye for what this offense can do in the second half."

"We were disappointed in the way our offense played the first half. As I said, coach (Lee) Hays kind of took the paint off the wall and got them to wake up. They responded to that pretty good and we played a much better second half."
On defense and scoring:
"It was huge, anytime they can put points on the board, we'll take those, too. They played really well the whole game."

On illegal procedures:
"We've got to learn to concentrate, focus a little better."

On the loss at TCU:
"I don't know how much the loss of TCU affected us; but, it was Thursday before I felt halfway good about this one. I was starting to get a little nervous."

On CJ Wilson's Performance:
"CJ's performance was just fine with the exception of when he crossed the goal line sticking that football out. We could have potentially had a flag for that."

BAYLOR QB Shawn Bell
On the win:
     "Our main goal was to come out with a win.  We had some ups and downs; but, that's just apart of football.  It's great to get our first win and to get it at home."

     "It's the little things that are killing us, not the big things. The little things that need to be fixed."

On Trent Shelton:
     "He's a special receiver and if I get him with a one on one, I'm going to him.  I'm glad he broke the record."



BAYLOR WR Trent Shelton
On breaking the record:
     "You couldn't ask for anything better.  Tonight I had a weird feeling, and yesterday; I told (Dominique) Zeigler I'd go out there and do it for you.'"

On being a star receiver:
     "I don't want to be a star receiver.  I like my role and I don't want to be the star."

On interceptions:
     "First and foremost, Lord, thank you.  People say I talk too much.  I step out on faith and when I say something, I'm going to do it.  God can't use a coward."

     "I invision it before it happens, so when it does happen, I know what to do."


On performance: 
"We worked really hard; but, we just come here, lie down and get 20-something penalties. We just gave it away. It's frustrating."

"We have just got to take care of the football. It doesn't matter who we play."

On Baylor's offense:
"They have a very explosive offense. We kept them contained in the first half; but, with an offense that explosive, it's hard to keep the intensity."

On performance:
"In the first half, we came out good; but, we could not get the offense and defense working at the same time."

On Baylor:
"I thought we came out and played hard. They were alright; but, we beat ourselves with penalties and mistakes."

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