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Baylor-Buffalo Postgame Quotes

Sept. 11, 2010

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BAYLOR (2-0) 34, BUFFALO (1-1) 6
SEPT. 11, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 40,853

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement…
“Another great crowd. I thought once again the people brought us a lot of energy early in the game. The walk, again, was very inspirational. It is becoming a good habit. It was a good deal and it was great for our players. It was great for Baylor University; a great win. Anytime you win a Division I football game, it is a great accomplishment. I am very proud of our players for going out and dominating, playing within themselves early, doing the things that they worked on during the week. We wanted them to be a determined, intense football team. We felt like we had a lot to prove as a team and I thought our guys really took to the task and took care of business. From that standpoint, I was very proud of them. We understand we have a lot of work to do, a long journey ahead, but we started off pretty well.”

On improving from Sam Houston State…
“I think it is a first game, second game deal. Buffalo was a lot better today than they were against Rhode Island. I thought they really played well defensively. I thought their quarterback executed very well and he was very hard to get to. Their offensive line, big guys, that kind of kept us out for a while but we finally wore them down. I think our strength definitely paid off there starting from about the second quarter on. Overall team performance was better, and it should be from week one to week two.”

On Kendal Wright and Robert Griffin’s chemistry…
“That is something that is not going to leave. Overall I thought we really executed there pretty well. We had some stuff that had some space around it. That was the encouraging part. Kendal plays hard. He has had a great spring, great fall camp. You do not all of a sudden not make plays. He is going to make plays.”

Sophomore Quarterback Robert Griffin III

On the team’s improvement from Sam Houston…
“I look at it as Sam Houston was a good team, Buffalo was a step up from them and TCU will be a step up from Buffalo. It is a constant process and it is a good way to start the season, to get two good wins under our belt, build some confidence. Offense played a lot better early in the game. Today we put 34 on them in three quarters. I think that was good for us. We kind of backed off and that kind of hurt us on our last two possessions. When we play TCU, we will not be backing off.”

On reconnecting with Kendall Wright…
“We got it over with, now everybody can stop talking about it. He got his touchdown and now we are ready to play. He is a spectacular player. He can make a lot of big plays in the open field and hopefully we can showcase that in the following games.”

Junior Inside Receiver Kendall Wright

On this weeks game compared to last week vs. Sam Houston State …
“I feel like it was a step up. We were just a little slow at the beginning of the second half and third quarter, but we’ll get it together”

On clicking better with Robert Griffin III this week…
“I feel like I had my teammates all week telling me I only had three catches with negative one yards. Even though they were just playing, it really motivated Rob and me to be practicing hard every day full speed.”

Sophomore Cornerback Chance Casey

On the team being faster this season…
“I feel a lot faster. The type of defense we’re playing, we switched up our defense. We went from a 3-10 to a cover-four team. I think we did that because we picked up a lot more speed everywhere and coach feels comfortable when guys man up. I think we’re a lot faster and lighter on the field.”



Buffalo Head Coach Jeff Quinn

Opening statement…
“It was simply just not good enough. We felt like our week of preparation was where I wanted us to be, and certainly there were some key mistakes that we made in this game, especially in the first half. The turnovers cost us. They were able to capitalize on those two turnovers and we had a couple blown coverages where they made some big plays. Obviously, we were in an uphill battle immediately going in at half-time.”

On Robert Griffin…
“Robert Griffin is a tremendous athlete and a great competitor. This is a very good football team. Baylor is a very good football team. They are well coached. Coach Briles does a great job. You could see there was a few times that their offense caught us off guard a few times, and that is good coaching. Obviously, I feel very strongly about our young men being able to learn from this experience and come back and get ready for Central Florida.”

On his team’s offensive struggles…
“Obviously, the turnovers. Every time we felt we kind of got in a little bit of rhythm and we got a little momentum, we turned the ball over. Any time you turn the ball over some situations are going to take place from a defensive standpoint. Obviously, we try to take great care of the football and we didn’t do that again tonight. That is always disappointing from an offensive standpoint.”

Sophomore Quarterback Jerry Davis

On his team’s offense…
“As an offense we didn’t make any plays. The running game was great. Brandon Oliver, Brandon Thermilus, the running game was good. We just didn’t make enough plays offensively as far as the passing game and Baylor did. That was the reason why we came up short.”

On not being able to score a touchdown from Baylor’s five yard line…
“Coach Quinn preaches to us all the time, “don’t beat ourselves” and i think that is exactly what happened.  Baylor is a great defense. I give it up to them, but I don’t believe anything they did to prevent us, it was all us. We weren’t really mentally locked in and it showed on the field.”

On Baylor’s pressure…
“Playing a Big 12 defense that is pretty fast, pretty good, that is where they are supposed to be. They didn’t make a lot of mistakes. Like I said, as an offense we didn’t make enough plays and Baylor did. I really think that is what the difference was.”

Redshirt Freshman Running Back Brandon Oliver

On having space to operate…
“We did a lot of practicing this week on running the ball. I felt like I had a lot more room to make plays.”

On the team’s struggles…
“I felt like we should have, could have run the ball more. It wasn’t in coach’s game plan, so I really couldn’t do anything about that, but just execute the pass play that was called.”

On bouncing back…
“We get back on Monday and work hard. We got Central Florida next week and that isn’t going to be any give me game. We just have to get ready to go back to another fight.”

On his runs in the second half...
“I told the coach a couple of plays that were kind of hitting in the first half and we didn’t really stick to them. I told him at halftime we needed to do those plays and they hit.”



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