Baylor - Texas State Post Game Quotes

Sept. 15, 2007

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Baylor head coach Guy Morriss


"We don't like the word blowout. That's kind of a dangerous word. We got out to a good start, 14-0, and just fell into a little slumber. I give credit to Texas State and their coach. He had his team ready to play and they gave us everything we wanted....We just couldn't find a rhythm. That is basically a lack of concentration, focus and so forth.  I take responsibility for that; I obviously didn't have them as focused as they should have been."



"We could not get any heat on the quarterback unless we blitzed him and that's concerning to me because we are going to have be able to get after some of these quarterbacks, and you can't always bring the house because... They ran for too many yards, and we need to get better at that. Defense came through for us most of the night and made some stops when they needed to."


"This whole game was frustrating for us as coaches... We just couldn't hit our rhythm, I don't know why. I certainly don't think they took TSU lightly, in light of the upsets the first couple weeks. I don't know if we were pressing or what."



"Well, Thomas (White) did not play and Mikhail (Baker) is in the training room with a broken collar bone. Krys Buercke filled in and had a nice night. He really grew up tonight and that was good to see. Jay Finley did a good job catching the ball."



"I've been in this offense six or seven times at three different stops and I've had 1,000 yard rushers so I know it can be done. We just got to keep recruiting offensive linemen, and keep dialing it in, keep calling it."


Baylor QB Blake Szymanski


"Anytime you get a win, it's a win no matter who it's against. Tonight I felt like we were just killing ourselves, not executing offensively. I felt like we were leaving the defense on the field too long."


"We would like to be 3-0, but a win is a win. We corrected some things. Say what you want, but a win is a win."



"The offensive line did pretty well. Wide receivers did a good job of getting down the field. The first quarter, the first couple drives, I felt pretty good. Somewhere between the first quarter and all the way to the fourth quarter, I just felt we were flat... I forced a couple balls. One play was just a really good play by the back. The other one, I just forced it in there. We were shooting ourselves in the foot a lot."



"Anytime you turn the ball over it is going to help put some wind in the sails for them and take it out of us a little bit. And we can't let that happen. Our defensive did a heck of a job; those 27 points don't do them justice, really."



"I guess something clicked inside our head or something. We went out there and made some plays."


Baylor LB Nick Moore


"We feel like we should have put up a lot more points and held them to a lot less points, but they came out and played the best game they played all season. Respect to them."







Texas State head coach BRAD WRIGHT


"I really don't think we played very well. Our defense took awhile; they had 14 points on us pretty quick. It took us awhile to get adjusted to what they were doing. We are still adding some things on defense and coverage-wise that we are going to have to get better at. Offensively we have to take care of the football."


"We are going to try and build on the positives and we can't have another ACU, that's for sure."


"We prepared hard this week and the kids felt like they were going to be able to come out and play with them. I thought we had the chance to do it and we were just a play or two away."


Texas State QB Bradley George


"I guess we did alright playing against a Big 12 team; the bottom line is that we lost. I've got a bitter taste in my mouth right now. We were seven points too short, but I'm proud of our guys. We came in here, coming off of what happened last week losing to a division two team, they're a good division two team, but we still should have beat them.


"It was a good game. Baylor is good this year, they're not the same Baylor from five, six or seven years ago. Coach Morris is doing a good job. They're going to be alright in the Big 12 this year."


"I guess we can take away that we hung with a Big 12 team. The main thing we can take away is that we bounced back from a couple of losses. We played hard. We missed some plays and we blocked short. We were two, three or four plays away from maybe winning this game."


"We knew Baylor was going to throw it a lot. We have to do our job better at the beginning of the game."



"It'll give us confidence; we made some big plays against probably, athletically, the best defenses we're going to face this year."



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