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Baylor, Sam Houston State Postgame Quotes

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SEPT. 15, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 44,856

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement...
"The great thing about football is that you get 12 shots, and that's a lot when you prepare all year long. I think we are still trying to find our identity as a football team. The first week against SMU there was a lot of emotion, hype and energy. I thought there was a little lull in the first half trying to get back into the flow. We didn't have quite as much energy as we needed, because they are a good football team. They have 19 of their 22 starters back and went 14-1 last year. I don't know who is going to beat them. They are a well-coached, talented football team that has a good amount of depth for an FCS school. I've been in this thing long enough to know that if you have more points at the end of the game, regardless of who you are playing, you better be happy, because you don't get to be happy too often. I was proud of our football team."

On the lack of energy at the beginning of the game...
"I just think that we didn't play with enough energy in the first half. In the pre-game I could tell that we didn't have the same vibe that we had against SMU. I was a little concerned, because I knew how good Sam Houston was. We knew that they were a good football team. We played them in 2010 and beat them 34-3, but it was a little bit of a deceiving score. I thought in the second half that the defense got some great turnovers. The offense did enough to keep the spark going and create a little bit of momentum."

On his team....
"We're just in a process of trying to get better. It's a daily process. We'll go work on Louisiana-Monroe in the morning. It'll be a short week, but we'll be ready to go. We had an opportunity to learn something tonight, and that was good."

On the defense's performance tonight....
"We have eight of our guys back from last year who played for us, and they're certainly stepping up and making plays at opportune times. That was our trademark last year when we were on our six game win streak. We had great turnovers at the right time. I think those guys are really getting confident. I think they're doing a great job. Playing Sam Houston tonight was a pretty tough assignment."

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On the defense....
"The defense was huge. We played awful as an offense. It was ugly. We came through when we needed to come through, but the defense came up huge in the second half. Like my brother says, `when you have a team around you, you can do a lot of things'. You can do what people think you can't do and the defense came up huge tonight."

On what was said at halftime....
"I mean we all knew that first half was ugly. Not a lot was said honestly. What I'm proud of is no one pointed fingers. That's the type of team we have. We've got each other's backs. We just had to come out and play our game."

On his 60-yard run....
"Honestly, I wanted Glasco (Martin) or (Jared) Salubi to score. I'm kidding. I ran out of gas as you can tell. We got a touchdown off of it and that's all that matters. That was probably the longest run of my career."

 Redshirt Freshman Defensive Tackle Trevor Clemons-Valdez

On his fumble recovery....
"Being on the defense, if the ball is on the ground we're suppose to pick it up. I saw the ball in the air and it hit the ground. My first instinct was to pick it up and try to score. Getting that pressure really set the tone for the second half."

On Sam Houston State versus SMU....
"Today was more of a read type front. They did a lot of zones, so we had to read a lot. SMU was real physical. Both teams were very physical, but they are two different types of ball clubs. You have to prepare each week for what you are going to see."

 Junior Nickelback Ahmad Dixon

On tonight's win....
"It was definitely a team win. The first half, we were all a little shaky. When we got in the locker room, we told the coaches that it was up to us. The offensive guys were talking to the defensive guys and the defensive guys were talking to the offensive guys just motivating each other. That's why Nick said it was a team win. We just stepped up as players to turn the game around."

  Head Coach Willie Fritz

On the message during halftime...
"I didn't tell them the right thing. At halftime, I tried to talk about it just being 30 minutes. We scripted the first few plays, and I told them we really needed to take it to them at the beginning of the second half, and we didn't do that. We had the advantage. We were receiving the ball, and [it was] just a bad first minute. We got back into it. We just had some opportunities and I went for it. I took some chances when I saw that we were getting tired defensively and having a tough time stopping them. I thought, 'Hey, you can get a first down and keep them off the field. That might help us out a little bit.` We didn't get it, and we put our defense in bad positions. We did a good job in the first half, and they beat us in the second half."

  Junior Quarterback Brian Bell

On whether the score reflected the game...
"I mean it really doesn't. With that pick six by me at the end and obviously all three picks in the second half by me, that's not really how we finish. We should have finished playing the game. That was my fault. That's our motto this year, "finish." That's what we gotta do. We have to come out and start the second half just like we did the first half with the same intensity. Unfortunately, we didn`t start off as fast as we wanted in the second half, and a couple things set us back. It`s just really unfortunate for our football team, but we`re going to be positive from here."

  Senior Wide Receiver Terrance Robinson

On their offensive play in the first half...
"In the first half, we really came out strong. We stuck to the game plan. We were executing on all cylinders, but in the second half we just kind of missed a few cues. We came out with not a lot of energy, but in the first half we played well."

On what they can take from this game to next week's conference opener...
"We just gotta go and watch film and see what we can get better at. We had a lot of good things, but at the same time we had a lot of bad things.Especially going into the conference, like I said, we just have to watch the film and see what we can get better as an offense and as a team in general."

  Junior Running Back Timonthy Flanders

On his postgame thoughts...
"We should have played better in the second half. When you go up against a team like Baylor, it's always good to be ahead in the first half. That's exactly what we wanted. We had them where we wanted them. In the second half, we just came out too slow. "

On noticing if plays were not being as effective...
"I mean, no. They were really playing us the same way. They just came out with way more momentum than we did. It's just one of those things that we just have to fight back. We just have to keep fighting."



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