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Baylor, SFA Postgame Quotes

Sept. 17, 2011

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No. 19/24 BAYLOR (2-0) 48, STEPHEN F. AUSTIN (1-2) 0
SEPT. 17, 2011 • ATTENDANCE: 43,090

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles
Opening statement...
"The thing that's tough about these games, when you play a team that's not at the same level that you're at, it's hard to really feel good about how you played and how you performed. And that's something you have to be careful about in this business because at the end of the day, it's just all about having more points than the other guy on the other end. And you know, that's what, ultimately, we did. So from that stand point it was a victorious night. I would have liked to played better in segments early in the game. But you know, the thing I was really concerned with, and didn't really voice it going into the game, was that a 15-day layoff is a long time in season. Especially having four weeks prior to your first game and then you lay off another two-plus weeks. So it really was just like starting over again for us. Next week I thinkwe'll be a lot more active, both sides of the ball, and have our legs back under us and be gaining speed a lot quicker than we were tonight."

On the lightning delay and the game ending early...
"Well, per NCAA rules, by my understanding, which I just found out tonight, you have to complete three quarters for it to count. So that was our main objective, and that's why, and really (SFA head coach) JC (Harper) was gracious to agree not to have a halftime after the break. That's all we were trying to shoot for. Get three quarters in the book and get a "W" and get ready to play Rice next week. We have had a little experience in the last year, we had two last year and the one now. But we need rain,so if it rains I'm happy. You know, we got a win and it rains, that's pretty hard to beat this time of year."

On the play of Robert Griffin III...
"I really thought he was playing at a real high level, I thought he kept plays alive. He definitely gave us a spark offensively. "I think one time he was 14-of-15 throwing the football and he made a bunch of plays with his feet. So I really thought he was active in that, focused and he did a great job. He came game-speed ready."

On the defensive play...
"You know these guys, they nickel and dimed us a little bit. They've got a good plan, they're a good football team. They did not win the game last week, but I'm not sure that the best team won the game, from the video that we saw. Northern Iowa is the No. 2 team in the nation and is a pretty good football team. So we knew they would come with a good game plan, with a high-percentage game plan, which they did, really on both sides of the ball. You've got to get them in difficult situations and we didn't do it. We didn't win first downs at all defensively for the first two or three series. And we've got to win it."

On the overall play of the game...
"I think physical strength, depth, and just once some of the emotion is gone then I think the reality sets in. We should be a bigger, stronger, more physical team and that's really how you have to win a game like this. You have to win up-front on both sides of the ball beause everybody's got skill, but lineman are the difference."

Baylor Quarterback Robert Griffin III
On the first quarter...
"We didn't put up as many points in the first as we wanted to because they were driving on offense, kind of killing the clock. We had to be patient in that sense and know that our defense would come up big. For us, it was all about going out and executing and being the better team, and we were tonight."

On holes in the SFA defense...
"They got some pressure on us. Not that it was a lot, but just enough to make me have to bounce. The guys did a good job blocking once I broke the pocket, just flashing themselves whenever they were open, (and I was) trying to hit them because I'm not trying to run all the time. They did a good job of helping me out once I broke the pocket."

Baylor Inside Receiver Kendall Wright
On the crowd...
"The crowd affects a lot. Going through the bear walk and then out there on third downs when the offense is pushing ... seeing them out there, being loud, it helps us as a team. It keeps us excited."

On the atmosphere on the sidelines...
"We try not to get too happy and keep playing our game. It's the first game of our 2011 season. We're just trying to keep playing and keep everyone up that wasn't getting many reps. I was anxious to see some of the players that didn't play get in. They're probably upset about it, but it will be alright. They'll have more opportunities."

Baylor Running Back Terrance Ganaway
On production on the field...
"It's a definite tribute to our [offensive] line and play calling. Coach [Art Briles] knows how to put us in good situations to succeed. Robert [Griffin III] had a good game, so it defintely takes pressure off me in the backfield. Things got a little shaky in the first half. I'm glad I was able to showcase some speed, but the biggest thing is that we got the win. It isn't about myself or anyone else. As long as we win, and we're a dang good football team, I'm just excited about that."

Stephen F. Austin Head Coach J.C. Harper
On how turnovers affected SFA's attack...
"We turned the ball over on a fumble inside the six-yard line and threw an interception, but you have to give credit to Baylor. Baylor caused those turnovers and they're a heck of a football team. That's why they're ranked in the top 25 , and we've got to give them all the credit. They're a heck of a football team."

How he plans to address the turnover issues in practice...
"We just have to get better and just keep doing what we've been doing. We're playing against good people. Baylor is a heck of a football team."

On the impact of playing high caliber opponents and potential Heisman award winner Robert Griffin III...
"I'm really proud of out football players. I thought they came out here and competed in a tough situation and a tough environment. I'm really proud of the way they played against a top -ranked, top-notch, Big 12 opponent."



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