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Baylor, ULM Postgame Quotes

Sept. 22, 2012

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  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...

"It was a dogfight. They are an extremely hot football team right now that has a tremendous amount of confidence.We walked into an environment that we knew would be a great football atmosphere to begin with. I've known Coach Berry forever, and he does a great job. He is great on the offensive side of the ball, they were ranked #22 last year against the rush, so they got some things going for them. Just no one knew about it, until they went to Arkansas and beat Arkansas, until they went to Auburn Hills and took them to overtime. Then suddenly they are all like `Look ULM is good." They have been good for a while- they just play a tough, tough non-conference schedule."

Being down 14 in first quarter:
“The thing about football is that you are always in it. All you got to do is make a play on either side of the ball. We knew it was going to be a fi ght because they are good. They are a dangerous football team, but so are we.”On resiliancy...
“Our guys believe they are going to win, and that’s something that gives you a leg up.”

On Nick Florence’s best start:
“It was just an interception. The fi rst interception, he will tell you- that was on him. He just didn’t read though the progressions and he forced the ball. That is something that he never does, but we aren’t going to panic and stop throwing the ball- Nick is good. He does see the fi eld good, so he responded.”

Defense forcing turnovers:
“They are all huge, because we are sitting 0-2 early and we fi nished with a plus ratio. We got the score to where it was anybody’s game and fi nally pulled away with the 12 point lead there at the end.

On going for it on fourth and one on the last possession:
“I thought about kicking a bunch. As hot as they are, they are at home, their quarterback has a way of making plays. It’d have been a deal where you’d have had to drag me out of the restroom because I’d have been throwing up because it is a situation if you are wrong, you are really wrong. We felt like our guys were playing good up front.”

  Head Coach Todd Berry

Opening Statement:
“I’m very disappointed as I always am after a loss. Certainly we’ve had two really close ones. I want to give Baylor a tremendous amount of credit.

"I think they are just a very, very good football team. I think they are a tremendously well-coached team. I’ve said this multiple times about my admiration for what Art Briles has done there at Baylor. They showed why tonight and proved that.”

“The margin of victory is so small, isn’t it? Just a few inches here or a few inches there. Today, uncharacteristically, we turned the ball over, which we had not done on offense. Those will always hurt you. Defensively, we didn’t play very well. Our discipline with playing assignments and staying onsides will have to get corrected this next week.”

“I would love to applaud our fan base. I’m really appreciative of what happened. Someone asked me before the game what I was expecting. They exceeded that. For two years now and three games, we’ve tried to get this team to believe. I think this team believes, and I hope that even with the loss, our fan base and the student body believes in this team, too. If we all believe, we can go a long way with this thing. There could be a lot of good things happening for us. Hopefully they were encouraged enough to come back and see us again.”

On the secondary:
“We didn’t play very well back there, especially with post routes. That’s something you should never give up when you’re playing man coverage.”

On off sides penalties:
“I think they used a hard count. Their quarterback does a nice job of shaking his whole body. We were too focused on him rather than the ball. It was at the point of embarrassing. There are going to be some consequences for that, because something that we don’t do. We haven’t had the penalties or the turnovers, and all the sudden they showed up tonight.”

  Junior RB Monterrell Washington

On his game tonight:
“It was a great experience. The offense gave me some great opportunities to make some cuts and find holes. I owe it all to my offensive line and my receivers blocking down the field.”

On upsets/expecting to win:
“We always come out expecting to win every game. We don’t get caught up in the outside distractions. We don’t see it as another way to upset this team, we just see it as a way to go out and play our game. Hopefully, we get a good outcome.”

“We know who we’re lining up against when it comes to SEC and Big 12 opponents. I know we set the standard high, but that’s any team.”

“It’s a great feeling to come out to a great crowd. We hope they continue to keep up the support.”



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