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Baylor, ULM Postgame Quotes

Sept. 21, 2013

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20/19 BAYLOR (3-0, 0-0) 70, ULM (2-2) 7
Sep 21, 2013 • ATTENDANCE: 42,967

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"Great crowd today -- very enthusiastic and brought us a lot of energy and support. We felt like we were playing a really good football team and still feel that way. I think when you break it down from an analytical standpoint: they had a couple fourth down conversions early in the game they didn't convert and we had two defensive touchdowns and they fumbled a kickoff on the 18 and we scored touchdowns our first four possessions, and next thing you know it's a 49-7 ballgame. That's how you get on people. If our defense will continue to score touchdowns and we'll continue on the high rate of scoring on the offensive side, we're going to continue to have good press conferences."

On the team's performance today:
"We've had three home games and we've taken advantage of being at home. We've got good people. We've got a good football team. You combine those factors with people making plays on both sides of the ball and our special teams have been pretty good and we've been pretty clean."

On Baylor's mentality:
"When you score defensive touchdowns and you have the ability to score from an offensive standpoint, which we do, and you combine those two things, you've got a chance to put some points on the board. That's our mentality."

On Bryce Petty:
"He's played really well. He's stayed within himself and done what we've asked him to do. He showed up early and made some good second down throws early in the game that really helped us keep our drive alive -- the first two drives specifically. I thought he was really sharp. We knew their defense would call for him to run a little bit today and he did what we needed him to do."

On ULM's offense:
"I thought it worked out pretty well. Those guys played well. They were a football team that wasn't going to challenge you vertically with the run so there was not a lot of pressure on the inside defensive tackles as there will be later on [for us] but I thought those guys did an outstanding job."

  Quarterback Bryce Petty

On Baylor's game plan:
"That's what we want to do. I think we had a whole different mentality going into it. Not only this game, but every game is to attack first. Coach Briles always says, `don't wait for something bad to happen to get good.' So I think he's preached that enough to where that's our game plan."

On how the game went:
"With their defense -- they like loading people in the box -- so that's kind of what our game plan was. It was great weather, a little windy. I had a couple of throws I wish I could take back but our receivers did a good job. Our offensive linemen played well too, blocking all around."

On the score of the game:
"I don't think we go into the season saying, `hey, let's score 70 points,' but obviously when it happens everybody is happy. There's always room for improvement. We're going to go look at this tape and see what we can improve on and get better at -- and again another bye week, which will be kind of hard. We like playing so it's hard to take a break, but it'll be good to take a step back and reload before Big 12 play."

On thinking about the Heisman:
"I don't really have any personal Heisman lists that I want to be on. I just want to win the Big 12 Championship. If I win the Heisman that would be unbelievable, but at this point I'm still just getting my feet wet. That's how I'm thinking about it -- just one game at a time."

  ULM Head Coach Todd Berry

Opening Statement:
"We knew we were going to have to take some chances early on both sides of the field. When you take a lot of chances sometimes you get burned -- well, we got scalded."

On when he felt like things were going downhill for ULM:
"I think when it hit 42-0 in the first quarter. I think that was the moment."

On the three turnovers in the first half:
"We bobbled too many balls. Tipped passes turn into interceptions every time."

  ULM Quarterback Kolton Browning

On miscues in the first quarter:
"It happens. Whether it's a bad play or a good play, you always have to erase your mind and move forward."



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