Baylor-Army Post Game Quotes

Sept. 23, 2006

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On the performance and the outlook of the season:
"I still believe we can get do some things; but, we have to challenge our kids. They have to be conscience about the penalties. They have to understand that when we take the field we have to play with a lot of energy and emotion because we are not a very good team without it."

On the team's execution:
"We have got to pay more attention to executing the details of our schemes; or, it's going to be a long season."

BAYLOR WR Trent Shelton
On last play of overtime:
"That play was pretty good all night. It was a one handed catch. I feel that I can make one handed catches and I should have caught it."

On defense:
"Finish. We didn't finish. Every game we've been up at half time, we just have to finish."

On his missed interception:
"I should've went up and approached the ball myself, instead of backing off."

On the loss:
"We're under achieving right now. This is terrible."

BAYLOR RB Paul Mosley

On overtime:
   "It's in coach Hays hands. I believe in us as a team no matter what he calls, we have to execute it."

On the last play before overtime:
 "I put it on myself as to why we had an overtime in the first place. As a leader, I should've rushed for the touchdown and we wouldn't have even had an overtime."





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