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Baylor Post Game Quotes

Sept. 26, 2010

Baylor head coach Art Briles

On capitalizing on long passing plays:
"We hit a couple of big plays in the first half and one in the second (half). I know Kendall (Wright) caught one and Josh (Gordon) caught one. We were trying to be methodical throughout the night. We knew Rice would be very intelligent defensively and have a good scheme on offense, which they did and they?re well coached. We knew we had to fight for everything we got. We just happened to hit a couple of big plays that helped us."

On delay:
"We just came in and regrouped and talked about having a strong endurance. We only get one chance, one shot and we got to take it while we got it."

On bouncing back after last week's loss:
"The way I look is that we got 12 seasons. Season number four was tonight? We won season number four. Now, we'll move on to season number five."

On Baylor defense:
"That touchdown at the end burns and hurts a little bit because and it all goes back to momentum. We start on our two and drive down to their two or three and miss a field goal. All of a sudden they get a little spurt and a couple of plays and make it a little more interesting than it should have been at the end. Because nothing is safe until there?s no time left on the clock."

On field goals:
"You've got to score touchdowns. We kind of bogged down a little bit in the red zone without a doubt. Percentage-wise tonight was not bad as long you're playing good defense and were playing good defense that three was going to be okay."

On Robert Griffin running:

"It's just something we've got to get into doing a little bit more. We want to run the ball better fortunately we got into a game where we could. We tried it previous times and just haven't been a situation where we could do it. So, tonight it worked out well for us and our guys up front did a job blocking. They really did."



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