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Baylor-Kansas Postgame Quotes

Oct. 2, 2010

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BAYLOR (4-1, 1-0) 55, KANSAS (2-3, 0-1) 7
OCT. 2, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 35,405

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles
Opening statement…
“I am really proud of our crowd today. I thought they brought a lot of energy to the field. They were very vocal, very intelligent. They really got up and made a lot of noise on third downs for Kansas, and we actually had them alter their snap count, which I had not seen on video in their previous road games. That was a big deal. I am really proud for that. We are really proud of the way our guys played. We thought they played with a lot of energy, a lot of passion and a lot of purpose. When you play that way you have a chance to have good results. At halftime we had 43 offensive plays and they had 54. We had 27 points they had seven. That was a good sign. That is a lot of plays for an opponent, but they were having to work hard for their yardage,, and that was a good sign for us. We felt pretty good from the standpoint that we would be able to make some plays defensively, because when you are making that many plays on offense, the odds keep going up that something will go wrong eventually. We got a couple of breaks early in the third quarter and we were able to secure the win. It was a really good day for Baylor University, Baylor football and Baylor nation.”

On the offensive play…
“It all starts up front. I thought our whole line was very physical, very intense. I thought they protected Robert (Griffin III) well. I thought that Robert was extremely sharp, very poised, knew where he was going with the football. I thought that we had some guys who made plays after we got the ball and that is always big.”

On Robert Griffin’s performance...
“The thing about the throw is that he got his body slowed, he got his shoulders squared and he got his eyes on the target. The target was back across the field at Terrance Williams. The throw standpoint was not the part of the play that made it so good. What made it good was that he was able to escape the two rushers and get in space and allow himself to slow down. From that standpoint, that is where his ability allows him to make some plays that other people may not be able to make.”

Sophomore Quarterback Robert Griffin III
On whether or not he expected this good of an outcome…
“I feel this defense can be productive, and if we play for four quarters, it shines a light onto how many threats we have out there on the field. I don’t know how many players had a touchdown or a big play today, but it was a lot. We were able to spread the wealth and there was a lot of talent out there for us to do that.”

On everything falling into place…
“We tried to come in with a mind-set that Kansas were going to bring their best. Being here at Baylor we have something to prove and so did they. It was just one of those days that everything went right. The play that I remember is the one that I dropped the snap over my head and I don’t know what was going through my mind, but I was running back there and threw a touchdown pass. So, it was just one of those days where everything fell into place, and I’m glad it was for us.”

Sophomore Wide Receiver Josh Gordon
On the help of the blocking for his 94-yard touchdown …
“It was all on the blocking. That play was null and void if it wasn’t for that great blocking. They did their job, so I had to come through and do mine, and it worked out for us.”

On the excitement of such a big touchdown…
“It was really exciting. My parents were out there and got to see me perform for them. I know they’re proud of me, and I’m just glad to uphold their name and score for the team.”

Junior Linebacker Elliot Coffey
On the Kansas team…
“Kansas is a well-coached team and they came out with a lot of fire. They came to play and we just played well today.”

On the message a win like this sends to fans and opposing teams...
“Hopefully it sends a good one. I think we came out well. We played hard. and we’re ready to play. I hope that is the message we sent.”

On the number of turnovers Baylor got...
“We have a phrase, “two you’re in, four you win.” I think we ended up with four or five turnovers, and that really did make a difference in the game. It’s a momentum shift, offense gets that great field position and they made it happen today.”


Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill
Opening statement…
“I am disappointed. Obviously not a very good job by us as a coaching staff. Great job by Baylor, their staff and their players. They played an outstanding football game and we just could never get anything going. We just didn’t play very well. You can’t turn the ball over and we missed too many tackles.”

On if the mistakes are due to youth...
“A little bit of that. This is the fourth game with Jordan (Webb) and this is probably the one game he didn’t quite play as well with reads and things of that nature, but again we have to get better. There are some other people that didn’t play well either and we just couldn’t ever get any rhythm going. Every time we got some going, we either made some unforced errors, jumping offsides or we turned the ball over.”

On the problems of the pass defense...
“Missed tackles. Missed execution of where they needed to be, what they needed to do. They (Baylor) did a great job executing their game plan, so I give the credit all of the way to Baylor.”

On the game...
“I think they just played better than we did and we got out-coached. They played very well on that side of the ball. We just couldn’t get anything going. I don’t think our guys totally quit, but we will look at that some more on tape. Obviously we were a step too slow on a lot of things both offensively and defensively.”

Senior Safety Olaitan Oguntodu
On the game…
“Overall, it was an embarrassing game. It was just embarrassing all the way around. We have to watch film and figure out where we are lacking, but we played a good team today.”

On the pass defense...
“It is embarrassing, very embarrassing, very surprising. When you play defense you have to play as a team. You have play as a team and everybody understands their job and you go from there. And today from the look of the score, from the look of things, we didn’t do that. We will regroup and I believe we will get that together.”

Redshirt Freshman Quarterback Jordan Webb
On only scoring seven points in the first half…
“It is definitely frustrating. You want to be able to finish drives and that is something we just have to work at.”

On if the game was different because it was conference play…
“No, it was the same, we just didn’t execute. We beat ourselves, but you have to give credit to the other team. They made big plays when they needed to and we just didn’t.”



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