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Baylor-Kent State Postgame Notes

Oct. 3, 2009

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BAYLOR (3-1) 31, KENT STATE (2-3) 15
OCT. 3, 2009 • ATTENDANCE: 27,047

Opening Statement...
"We know how to keep people there through the game. We weren't going to let them go home early. It was a good, tough win. I was really proud of our guys, I thought they showed a whole lot of character and were very resilient and really tough minded. I thought they battled, relieved and overcame. From that standpoint it was a big win and I learned many years ago that there is no such thing as a bad win, they're all great. It's a big win for Baylor, I thought they did a good job making a statement about our program and our effort and our attitude, and we have to continue to get better as a team. We have a long way to go but we are taking steps forward, not backward and that's the encouraging part."

On Nick's performance…
He's very confident, intelligent, poise, and aware and those are all qualities of a good quarterback and he's got a little moxie to him. He's not afraid to get dirty, dive around and create something. He did exactly what we thought he'd do. He was very efficient and intelligent and that's exactly what he did. The way he handled himself the last two days, you could tell he was really grasping everything and understanding and was delivering the ball well. I felt if it was drier a little earlier we could have done a few more things because Nick is very accurate with the football, but we were still able to make a couple of runs and we got the win so that's all we were concerned with tonight."

On any surprise factor on touchdown runs by Nick…
"Surprised? No. Happy? Yes because that's an extra element that helps you from an offensive standpoint. He's aware, he understands what 's going on and he's gifted enough to make something happen with his feet."

On Odom's strip in the second half…
"Ballgame. But there were so many defensive things in the second half that you could look at it two ways. What hurt us from an offensive standpoint is field position. From the middle of the second quarter on, except for Odom's deal and the end of the game, those were the only times we started outside the 20. Make first downs and all of a sudden your field position looks good. But to me that was ballgame. It took momentum away from them and gave it to us. We got down there and got a field goal which didn't ice it but made it pretty solid."

On Phil Taylor's field goal block…
"He's quick and explosive. We've had some blocked in practice so we knew he was very capable. Those are some big time deals too and are momentum killers quite honestly."

On teams confidence since change of quarterbacks…
Like I said last week, it's hard to define confidence. I'm not worried about confidence quite honestly, I'm worried about production. What we've got to do is give them a good plan and go out and perform and produce and with that maybe some confidence will come. But if you don't believe in yourself, no one else will. As soon as you step on the field you should be confident and if don't, you shouldn't be out there.”

On getting the win…
"It is awesome. It is a great feeling. It is what we needed to do. There was no question in my mind whether we were going to win that game. We were going to do whatever it takes. It was sloppy at times and a lot of that is my inexperience and making mistakes. Our defense made plays and our offensive line made plays and our running backs and receivers made plays. That is what you do to get a win.”

On his performance tonight...
“Overall, I did good enough to get a win, which is what matters. We definitely have a lot to work on. I am still getting the offense down a little better. I still have to get a little better, so by no means did I do an excellent job tonight. I did well enough to win, that is what matters. I actually wasn’t that nervous... Getting in last week was really good.”

On his 43 yard touchdown run and emulating Robert Griffin...
“A hole opened up and I took it and then our receivers made blocks down field and outside and it worked. I am just learning from him (Robert Griffin). I got to watch him for eight months, so I am picking up on what he does.”

On having young players contribute…
“I wasn’t nervous at all. They are out in the game playing, because the coaches know and all the players know they can make plays. It is great seeing Nick (Florence) getting two rushing touchdowns tonight. You love seeing young guys making plays. It is good knowing you can have that confidence in anybody out on the field playing.”

On the defensive play overall...
“We could have done a lot better. I don’t know the final stats at all, but I know we gave up too many yards. The good thing from that is when it really came time to buckle down and prevent them from scoring, we were able to do that. We really gave up more yards than we wanted to and that is something we are going to have to work on this week.”

On the weather affecting the game…
"Today it was really tough for us passing wise, so we focused more on our running game. It was a tough win for us.”

On his performance today...
“I am kind of a hard critic on myself, but I would probably give myself a seven out of ten.”

On Nick Florence’s performance...
“Nick did great today. To be somebody who just jumped in after Robert got hurt to do what he did today is really good. I was kind of messing with him, because a lot of people did not know he could run like that and he really proved himself today.”


Opening statement…
“Baylor is very well coached. They have very special athletes and I think they found themselves a quarterback tonight. (Nick Florence) played with a lot of character and poise. I was really impressed with him. Their defensive front was strong and it was hard for us to match up with them. I was real pleased with the way our guys competed. If we don’t have a couple of those penalties and a couple of blocked kicks, I think we are in that game.”

On preparing for the game not knowing who the Baylor quarterback would be…
“We knew they were going to get (Kendall Wright) the ball a lot. We didn’t know if it was going to be from screens or as a ‘Wildcat’ quarterback. Coach Briles does a good job mixing things up anyway, so that made it even more of a chore. Obviously we hadn’t seen (Nick Florence) play before so we didn’t know what we were getting. He is really mobile and he can run. (Baylor) has a good player there.”

On the special teams play…
“We have been great on special teams up until today. We had a hard time matching up front with their big guys. They had a big size advantage on us and they really pushed us on field goal attempts. We have a great kicker but we just didn’t give him a chance. You have to give Baylor credit, they stopped us when they had to.”

On the second half adjustments…
“The main thing was that we improved out tackling. Baylor is so athletic that if you miss a tackle they can take it for 60 yards. In the second half we just settled down and just tackled.”



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