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Baylor, WVU Postgame Quotes

Oct. 6, 2013

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17/16 BAYLOR (4-0, 1-0)  73, NR/NR WEST VIRGINIA (3-3, 1-2)  42
OCT. 5, 2013  •  ATTENDANCE:  45,467

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement...
“I appreciate the crowd tonight, and I thought we had a lot of energy early, without question. I thought our people did the ‘gold out’ and ‘bring the bling,’ and I thought our people responded. That’s the way it should be. There should be a responsive effort, and I feel like there was tonight. I appreciate everyone jumping on board and giving us the chance to win a Big 12 football game against a quality opponent. Any time you get in Big 12 play, there’s going to be good people on the field and West Virginia’s got good people.”

On responding to WVU’s first touchdown ...
“There’s 12:32 left in the first quarter, and it’s 7-7 ball game. You get the ball, and it’s just like you’re starting over. That was of no concern. We felt like we might move and score some more, and that wasn’t an issue at all.”

On making plays ...
“It’s execution and production and just doing what we’re supposed to do, and doing it with a lot of predictable outcomes. That’s the thing we’re looking for. We don’t ever want to look at a play and not see what we’re looking for. We expect the play before anything ever happens.”

On judging the team at this point in the season ...
“I think it shows that any week anything can happen. That’s all it says. I still think the identity hasn’t been written. It’s too early. We’ve played four games since August 31, and it’s October 5. You’re not going to date somebody three times and ask them to marry you. You’re going to hang around a while and get to know them and see if it’s a match. I think we’ve got to see where we’re at before we judge ourselves.”

On strengths on both sides of the ball ...
“I think we have an explosive nature to us from an offensive standpoint, and for defense, I think we have some guys that play with a lot of intensity and toughness. I think we’re a tough football team and that’s something we pride ourselves in.”

Baylor QB Bryce Petty

On the feel of the win:
“It’s a team win. We’re all smiles right now and we should be. Unfortunately, we let the game be closer stat wise than it should have been, which we’ll address that. The guys came out and everything we have done all week in preparation worked out so that’s always a plus for us.”

On if the game gets boring:
“I love it. I’ve been waiting four years for it to get boring, I guess, so I’m excited. There are always things to improve on obviously. I didn’t have my best game yet, but come Tuesday we’ll be ready to go and I’ll be ready to go for sure.”

On moving into conference play:
“I think it’s kind of funny because when you look at it, or when I look at it at least, I feel like Baylor is a ‘but’ team. And, I say that because people say ‘Baylor is good, but…,’ and ‘Baylor scores points but…’ and that’s good because it puts a chip on our shoulder. It’d be nice to prove that but at the end of the day it’s not enough. It gets us out to practice every day and we know that we’re the best and that’s why we come out to work.”

Baylor S Ahmad Dixon

On the role of the defense:
“We’re a team, and I feel good. We’re still the defense. We know we’ve got to make a statement this year as far as our defense goes, and we’re ready for us to get the national respect we deserve. The offense is going to carry their load, and we’ve just got to carry our load.”

On the fourth down stops:
“We’re one step closer to the statement we’re trying to make. Coach did a great job and we finished in a position to make that play.”

WVU Head Coach Dana Holgersen

On tonight’s loss:
“It counts as one loss, just like what happened against Maryland three weeks ago. We’ll regroup and do our absolute best to get back on the winning track in the next two weeks. We have a lot to work on. I said it all week that if we got into a track meet, we wouldn’t be in good shape. We didn’t make them punt once all game. They scored more than we scored last year. Offensively, we are not at the point where we are able to keep up at this time. Hopefully we get there at some point.”

On Baylor’s dominance during the game:
“I would recommend giving Baylor some credit. I’ve never seen a team establish the line of scrimmage like they did. We’ve been pretty proud of how we have been playing defense for the last five games, but you can’t play defense when the line of scrimmage is five yards backwards every single time they play. They ran the ball the same way most of the time. They never changed anything. They just established the line of scrimmage. The other side of the ball is the same way. We ran the same thing and they were five yards back in our backfield. That’s the one thing that shows up to the eye, but that was happening all over the place.”

On Baylor offense this year compared to last year:
“They’re running the ball better. Last year, they hit some big plays on us, but this year they just ran the ball right at us. They’re better than they were last year on both sides of the ball.”

WVU Junior QB Paul Millard

On tonight’s game:
“It’s tough coming down here on the road. We obviously did not do enough tonight. Baylor whooped us. We have to move forward. It’s just like the Maryland game where we had to move forward and regroup. We have to start all over.”

On being one of two quarterbacks used in the game:
“I have to be ready at all times. Just like last week, I have to be ready whenever; ready to step in there and make a play. It’s not the easiest thing to do in the world to go in there cold, but it is the task at hand. I just have to embrace it.”



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