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Baylor-Oklahoma Postgame Quotes

Oct. 10, 2009

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NO. 19 OKLAHOMA (3-2, 1-0) 33, BAYLOR (3-2, 0-1) 7
OCT. 10, 2009 • ATTENDANCE: 84,478

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles
On the game...
As far as the fourth quarter goes, it was extremely disappointing. You know, because I really thought that our guys played tonight with a tremendous amount of effort, confidence and belief. And quite honestly we didn't do a very good job offensively the second half maintaining any type of rhythm. That's what we have to do a better job as an offense is stop the ball and run it down."

On controlling the ball the first half and slowing down the tempo...
"We were trying to give ourselves the best chance to play football. We felt like keeping Sam [Bradford] off the field, and keeping our defense off the field as much as we could, that would certainly increase our chances. We like to play a fast-paced game but we felt like it was in our advantage to slow it down a little bit today."

On if Baylor defense slowed down in the second half...
Honestly, I don't think it did. I mean, I'd have to look at the tape. I think the rhythm might have made them be on their heels a little bit early but, of course, as the game goes on they get use to it and they adjust and they're a good football team. They play good football. There's no question that these guys are good so we felt like we had to in and out some things so we can have the opportunities to make plays. I think we had some good opportunities the second half. It looked like we were five or six inches off on a couple of them and then we made some big plays."

On if he thinks the team is close to where they need to be in the season...
"Of course there's room for improvement. We knew today would be a measuring stick. We knew today would be a chance to show how good our guys can be. When we talk before the game, you have straight shooters that are going to show up today. You can look at that two ways. Are your straights going to show up or are your deficiencies going to show up? The more I got thinking about it the more I thought you know it's a great chance to see what our strengths are as individuals, as a team, and as teammates. From that standpoint I think that the guys stepped up, played hard for each other and gave us a chance to win the football game."

Baylor Senior Safety Jordan Lake

On the defensive effort...
"I feel like the defense played our tails off. We had a lot of situations that weren't favorable to us but we were able to hold them to a bunch of field goals and I'm really proud of the way our defense responded today. We fought and fought and fought to the very end and I'm proud of us."

On wearing down a little bit defensively in the second half...
"They didn't get into the endzone until the end of the fourth quarter. We held up in a lot of tough situations several times and held them to a bunch of field goals. I don't think we wore down at all really, I thought we stepped up and held them to a bunch of field goals and whenever your defense is put in those situations like that and you hold them to three points I think it's a win for us."

On Sam Bradford...
"He played well, we expected him to play well. We prepared thinking he would come back so we knew when he got the start we weren't seeing anything new. We saw him last year and knew he was going to come out and play like he does and he did a good job today."

On the mindset going into halftime...
"We wanted to keep fighting and keep battling. That's really all you can do and it doesn't matter where you come out on the field, you want to defend your endzone. You just have to fight everytime and keep scrapping, keep trying to hold them."

Baylor Freshman Quarterback Nick Florence

On the offense...
"First half we played great, could have got some more points on the board and second half we didn't do our job and put our defense in a bind. But with what they (Baylor defense) had, they did a great job in what we gave them and we have to execute better."

On the offensive miscues...
"No, the first half we moved the ball great. We just need to come out and execute better, it's as simple as that. We can play with anyone, we have talent, but we didn't execute."

On the first-half success...
"We were doing a good job of executing and getting on the blocks and getting the ball where it needed to go. In the second half they brought a lot more blitzes and we just didn't pick them up that great. We just need to come out and execute."

On the plan for ball control...
"We definitely wanted to control the tempo of the game and control the crowd. We wanted to be the ones to control that. First half, that crowd was silent and second half we didn't go a good job. First half we came in and played our goals and wanted more points but we controlled the tempo of the game and it got away in the second half."

Baylor Senior Linebacker Joe Pawelek

On overcoming penalties...
"I think as a defense we came out and stopped the run early and then we just hurt ourselves with penalties and you know there is some unfortunate field position there with those penalties and special teams. As a defense, I think you just have to overcome that. I think we did a good job at the goal line and I don't know how many plays they had there inside the five yard line that we kept on fighting."

On letting the game get away...
"Oh ya, I think that we felt from the start to the finish that we were going to come back and win that game. I think that when it was 23-7 that our defense was looking to make a play and turn the game around. I think from that standpoint that we fought well and didn't get down about penalties inside the five and just kept on fighting."

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops

Opening Statement...
"It was a good solid win here today. Our compliments to Art Biles and Baylor. They really played disciplined, good football. They are in a bad position. I thought their quarterback did a really good job but obviously he doesn't have the experience their other quarterback has. We caught a break that way, but overall I think they have done a good job all year. It was pleasing to win a good football game. I thought it was pleasing to go in at half, 14-7, and come back in the second half and play so well and so solid throughout the game. Anytime you have an offensive day when you have no turnovers and fewer penalties, you rush the ball for over 200 yards and throw for near 400 yards and you are doing things that are positive. I was disappointed in the drops, but again I think a lot of that is inexperience. We have all kinds of yardage and big plays, if we just catch the ball better. I'm hopeful and I believe the ability is there.
It's just time and time on the fi eld to make improvement and to make those plays when they are there to make. I thought our kicking game was very good. It was encouraging to see Jimmy Stevens do so well when we really needed him to do so well. I think Dom (Franks), with some big returns, was a big part of getting good fi eld position. Defensively in particular, I thought in the fi rst half even though we held them to seven, there were some plays we could have defi nitely played them a little bit better and been in better position, and we did in the second half. Anytime you hold someone to six yards rushing, that is positive, and hold them to seven points with as a wide open offense they have, and formations and adjustments they give you. I thought in the second half we really settled in and played good disciplined football to be where we needed to be."

On Jimmy Stevens kicking so many times...
"It was pleasing to see him hit so well. I am not surprised because I have been pleased with him through the year, just overall and in practice he has been very consistent. I would say a year ago, even at practice sometimes he was too inconsistent. That hasn't been the case and it was good to see him do so well. The downside of that, if you want to immediately go to the negative we needed to score more touchdowns in the red zone. We will work on that. It gets down to execution, and blocking and we had a drop or so where we had opportunities to catch it."

On Sam Bradford...
"He played really well. To have been off as much as he has and to go out there for his fi rst go at it and to play as well as he did, I thought he played great. He stays away from the negative plays, the bad plays. He had a great night with seven, eight or nine drops. You can cut that and say there were fi ve legitimate drops that were in their hands, he had an incredible night. He is a great competitor and talking to him in the locker afterwards, I asked him how if felt and he said it felt great. Right now, he doesn't have any discomfort and that is encouraging. He will only get better from this. In practicing, he will trust it more and I think in another week he will get stronger with his throws and he will continue to get better."



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