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Baylor, Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Oct. 12, 2013

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15/15 BAYLOR (5-0, 2-0)  35, NR/NR KANSAS STATE (2-4, 0-3) 25
OCT. 12, 2013  •  ATTENDANCE:  52,803

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement...
"First of all, there are good coached football teams and there are great coached football teams. I think Kansas State, Bill Snyder, and his staff here are just great. It just makes other coaches like myself, think I have a lot of work to do, and think where I need to be as a coach and directing our team. They played tremendously with a lot of heart and effort, which our guys did too, but we have a tremendous amount of respect for them. Our football team knew how the season has gone. Everything has been fairly simple, and everything has been in our favor playing at home and catching everybody at a good time. We knew that it would a very tough environment today. We came up here two years ago in the same situation and did not get away with a win. We came up here today, faced a lot of adversity, and we got a tough win on the road. So I think that shows the direction of our program and the character of our student athletes."

On overcoming adversity...
"All you can do is get out there. The defense played well enough. We held them on both two point conversions, which were huge. It was a huge factor in the game. We knew it was not going to be clean. We saw the first punt and knew they were going to come after us. They have never been ten up and one back this entire season, and going back into last season, always having two returners. We knew that was their plan. I knew that they were probably going to do that because they did not have 86 (Tramaine Thompson) and 16 (Tyler Lockett) today. So they were going to come after us instead of getting a return. We overcame a lot. We got a score and came back ahead. We did a good job finishing the game."

On tough time running the ball...
"It is all about momentum. They do a great job here in Manhattan and we all know that. With not being in any flow we only had six offensive snaps in the third quarter. That is our fault. We were not moving the ball and we turned it over. A lot of our games are predicated by tempo and how we move it in our run game. We were just not able to get into a good rhythm today because they kept us out of it. They played good defense and did a good job. They have played well all year defensively."

On when Kansas State took the lead...
"I think it shows a lot about our character as a team and the progress of our program more than anything. There will be a lot of people that come in here without a W this year and it has been like that for 20 some years. They have been hanging around and doing a good job for a long time."

Baylor QB Bryce Petty

On the dynamics of the offense...
"What we have to do is just focus on Baylor. I do not think there is a team out there that can stop us when we are on our stuff. We had a couple of drops today. I missed a couple of reads, and we had that fumble. You have to expect in road games that things do not go your way. The guys did a great job of bouncing back."

On being a starting quarterback...
"It has been a journey, and one that God has played a huge role in. That is why I am so happy right now. I have waited four years for this. I have waited four years to be a part of this family and contribute. As a backup quarterback, you cannot contribute that much and it can kind of weigh on you a little bit. That is why it is a team game, and you have got to love it."

Baylor WR Tevin Reese

On the last touchdown pass...
"It was a roll-down cover 3. The corner tried to get a good press on me, but you cannot just stop releasing. It was a great ball, and you have to make the best of it."

On the dynamics of the offense...
"We have a lot of explosive players. The football game is changing, and we have to adapt to that. We went out there with a great coach, and it was a hard win."

Baylor WR Antwan Goodley

On how the team has improved...
"It is great. Two years ago, we were up by two, and (K-State) came back and we lost by three. We still remembered that. So we had to come back here with a chip on our shoulder."

On being tested on the road...
"It feels great. I think we needed it. I feel like we have to grow from this. We have more games that we have to win, and I am just excited for our team."

Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder

Opening statement...:
"I was really pleased with the effort of our football team. With one exception in the entirety of the ballgame, I thought we played as hard as we have at any time during the course of the year. We played as physical as we have at any point and time during the year. I think at the end of the day, it comes down to mistakes. We made four mistakes defensively in the first half of the ballgame and those cost us 21 points. I thought, considering who we played, we played awfully well defensively. Like we said in Tuesday's press conference, Baylor was a big-play offense and you cannot afford to give up the big plays. If you take away their big plays, it is a different ballgame. But by the same token, you cannot turn the ball over. We only turned it over one time, which was an improvement, but it came at a bad time, quite obviously. Again, I do not fault our effort. We just have to keep trying to get better."

On the play of Daniel Sams ...
"Here is a guy who is trying to make a play and that is what he does, he makes plays, and again it goes back to the discipline of making the right decisions at the right times. I have never faulted his effort, I could never fault his effort but he has to make appropriate decisions. I thought Jake (Waters) and him both did a good job. They ran the ball better. They let a couple of throws get away from them that were high but I thought they both played up to par."

On the improved performance of the offensive line...
"It is a combination of things but the effort plays a huge role in it. Execution in terms of discipline and to get your assignments right, not to have any illegal procedures - we had one - so there is a reduction which means our discipline was a bit better. We probably should have executed a little bit better. I would probably have to watch the tape to give you and honest assessment but I think, obviously, we got a little bit better this week and made a couple things happen."

On the defensive miscues that led to Baylor points...
"I think that we had some issues during the last long touchdown that they had in the second half, we busted a coverage because of some miscommunication where someone was not disciplined and focused enough to get what the scheme was. In the first half of the ballgame, we had four mistakes; the late hit out of bounds which showed a lack of discipline and we then we let somebody just run by you three different times. It is that simple."

Kansas State QB Daniel Sams

On rushing stats during the game...
"I do not go out there to try to get massive stats. I am just trying to make plays, play like myself, and play for the team. I did not try to go out today and get over 199 yards, but in the end I just wanted to make a play. Everyone just went out there today to play."

On getting used to switching quarterbacks...
"Yeah, we are used to it. We just keep each other up, and we tell each other to go out and make plays. It tough, but we have to be tough and do it."

Kansas State QB Jake Waters

On how the offensive line played today...
"Our offensive line did a great job they made some great holes for not only me but all of our rushers. They really came to play today. I think their performance gave us a great running game today."

On Kansas State's performance today...
"Every loss we have to get back to work. We are a lot better than we show. We had our chance to win today. That is all you can ask for in the Big 12. Each game is tough. For the most part, I thought we played well enough to win the game. We just have to make those plays to get the win."

Kansas State DE Ryan Mueller

On the defensive performance against Baylor...
"It is extremely frustrating as a team. We just have to go back to the film room and correct our mistakes. We have to be able to practice, and apply everything coaches say to us. Doing things right will help us win games. We tried to make them one dimensional. They just got us on a few big plays."

On his strip and fumble recovery...
"The corners gave me enough time to get to the quarterback. The quarterback rolled out, I moved out to my side, and then I just saw the ball. It was right in front of me, and I just took it."



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