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Baylor, TCU Postgame Quotes

Oct. 13, 2012

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RV/23 TCU (5-1, 2-1) 49, RV/RV BAYLOR (3-2, 0-2) 21
Oct. 13, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 42,524

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...
“Not a great night. It was very humbling, very embarrassing, very uncharacteristic of our football team over the last four years to turn the ball over that many times and not get many takeaways. What it equates to is a bad night, which it was.”

On having six turnovers...
“Turnovers kill you against anybody. It is pretty simple - we turned the ball over and did not get up field on defense. The kicking game was never really a factor in the game, which we have put a lot of emphasis on, but the wind kind of negated a lot of that tonight. We had opportunities early and did not take advantage of them.”

On having two weeks to prepare for TCU...
“It is very frustrating. It is very humiliating, not just to us, as coaches, but to our players also and to our university. We did not do a good job of showing up for Baylor tonight.”

On only being down seven points at halftime...
“We did not feel like we had any rythm offensively in the first half. We never really got in any type of flow and turnovers have something to do with that because it takes away your tempo and it sometimes takes away your agression. A seven point game is a seven point game and that is the way we approached it. We knew we had to play better in the second half. We knew we were kicking off. We knew we had to hold them in the opening drive and we did not do it. The things we needed to do we did not do.”

 Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On the turnovers...
“I’ve got to make better throws and better decisions. We put our defense in a bind and that’s what happens. As an offense we did not play well and we can’t have that if we want to win a Big 12 Championship.”

On the game overall...
“We thought we were in the game. Those two picks there at the end on my part- that can’t happen. There’s no excuse for it, but you have to clear it and learn from it. Then you have to move on.”

On the team’s response to this game...
“We aren’t going to put our heads down and throw in the towel. We still have seven more games left. There is still a lot of football to be played. When it comes to bowls, you are defined by how you finish. We’re going to keep fighting until the end.”

 Junior Safety Sam Holl

On the defense....
“We have to make plays and we need to tackle better. We know we have to get better and we will.”

On the mindset on the field...
“We’re trained to keep our composure and keep our poise out there. We are taught to clear bad situations that happen on the field.”

 Senior Wide Receiver Terrance Williams

On the second play of the game....
“It was something we’ve been practicing all week. Knowing the safety would be guarding me, they threw the ball to a spot where I could run under it.”

On his second touchdown...
“That is part of our high routes. If they blitz I have the choice to do what I want, but I have to make the decision quick. I saw that the defender was flat-footed so I decided to run by him and Nick put the ball up.”

  Head Coach Gary Patterson

On the game...
“We didn’t turn the ball over and Trevone (Boykin) and a whole bunch of people did a great job on offense. We had some takeaways and that’s what you have to do in a conference that throws the ball all over the place. Like I told the team, that’s what we came here for. Now we’ll get ready for Texas Tech.”

On getting pressure on Nick Florence...
“They hadn’t played against a lot of four-man rushes. Only Sam Houston State had rushed them with four guys, so we had to change up our coverages. The one long pass to Terrance Williams in the second half was my fault. I went to a blitz instead of keeping with the game plan of staying over the top of him, and it hurt us. They’ve got some really good skill players and our guys made some plays. I’m very proud of what we did and how we did it.”

On the offense and Trevone Boykin...
“He got a chance to practice for four days this week, not one. For us, that’s what we do. We run, we play option, we get in it and do some things. The biggest thing is we
didn’t turn the ball over. The difference in the game is six turnovers to zero. That’s a big deal.”

On the secondary...
“I am proud of the whole secondary because they communicated. We had some pretty exclusive coverages that we wanted to do that we changed up to get ready for this ball game, and they were able to execute them. They (Baylor) have some good wide receivers, so for us to be opportunistic like we were was a blessing.”

On TCU’s long drives...
“That’s what Kansas State does. If you control the ball then the other team doesn’t have it, then they don’t have a chance to score. That’s a big deal. It’s big for us to do that and to get points. Not only do you drive it but you get points. Tonight we hurt ourselves still with penalties. We were second and long, third and long and we can’t do that. We made some plays and I was proud of the way we played.” 

  Sophomore Wide Receiver Cam White

On the win...
“It felt good. There is always room for improvement. I did a couple of great things, but I fell like we can do a lot better with practice. We are going to start over next week and get going.”

On the offense...
“We executed pretty good, but like I said, there is always room for improvement. I give Baylor a good job. They fought and their defense is pretty good. They are going to do what they can next week to come out and win.”

On his connection to Trevone Boykin...
“It’s pretty good. I have known him since high school. I have worked with him in the summer before he came. He’s been working with Casey (Pachall) and I have been there, so it’s a good connection.”



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