Baylor-Iowa State Postgame Quotes

Oct. 17, 2009

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IOWA STATE (4-3, 1-2) 24, BAYLOR (3-3, 0-2) 10
OCT. 17, 2009 • ATTENDANCE: 42,253

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Overall feelings:
"I'm as disappointed as disappointed can be without jumping into the range of that station. There’s two ways to look at. What we can’t do is let it beat us up. What we had to do is fi ght it out and rally. That’s what we do as athletes, football program and a coach. I’ll take the credit for us not winning and the way we played. There’s no excuse for some of the things that happened on the fi eld tonight. It’s my responsibility. I know our players will respond."

On Iowa State:
"(Iowa State) is a good football team and that’s what people need to understand. Iowa beat them decisively, but that’s it. That’s an in-state rival and anything can happen. They beat Army and they are a pretty good football team and handled Kent State at their place. They’ve had two real tough losses to start conference play. We understood that they are a really good team. We didn’t take control early in the football game. We had a chance to seize it but it came back to bite us. We let them get away from us."

On Baylor's inability to stop Iowa State's offense on third down:
"You've got to make stops and get them off the field. Hopefully we’ll improve that. It is something you have to do."

On the play of Iowa State’s Alexander Robinson:
"He's a good back. They run their system very well with their zone reads and play-action passing. He’s a good back to fake it to."

Senior Linebacker Joe Pawelek

Overall feelings:
"All 70 guys that we brought today are frustrated, mad, disappointed. I think it’s a situation of where do we go from here. I think that later in the game, we were struggling with reading the quarterback power, getting people in the gaps and fulfilling their responsibilities. I can’t give you a definite answer, but it comes back to us not getting third-down conversions."

Senior Quarterback Blake Szymanski

Overall feelings:
"I didn’t think I played very well. When I needed to make plays, I didn’t come through with the big plays. The defense played well enough to win and we just never got a drive going. We hurt ourselves with penalties and just didn’t get it done. We never created any momentum. Taking the crowd away for an away game is a big part of it. We have got to play better between the ears. Mentally we didn’t do very well offensively. We will be working it out tomorrow."

On the opening of the second half:
"We were just trying to get something going, create some momentum, but we didn’t quite get it."

Senior Safety Jordan Lake

On defensive problems:
"Getting off the field. They were 9-of-11 in the first half, and 12-of-18 in the second (on third-down conversions). Throughout the entire game, we need to a better job of getting off the field. We just didn’t do a good enough job of containing the quarterback. We need to do a better job of getting up there and corralling him."

On the loss:
"No loss is easy. At the beginning of the year, we looked at this game and thought we should win. It hurts that we let it get away from us like that. They have gotten better in a year. You can see that they are a much improved team with an improved system and we just didn’t defend it well enough."

Iowa State Head Coach Paul Rhoads

Opening Statement:
“I talked to our football team about being resilient. You get to a point where you are 3-3 with two gut wrenching losses and we haven’t had a bad week’s preparation yet. I don’t know if in seven games in a season, I have been around a team that has prepared as well as they have. To do that and suffer the defeats we have and to continue to show up and play is truly hats off to the men in the locker room. Field position was crucial today, we pinned them down in their end of the fi eld and made them work. When that happens, sooner or later the offense will make a mistake. Turnovers are always big in a football game and they were big tonight. When you win the turnover battle you have a chance to win the game.”

On whether this was Iowa State’s best all-around game this season:
“When you factor in offense, defense and kicking game, I was a little disappointed with how we fi nished the fourth quarter offensively.
We had chances to punch the ball in and didn’t take them. I was disappointed in the kicking game. We left points out on the fi eld.
Those are points that can cost us football games. Without taking time to compare it to the other six, it was probably our best game

On Austen Arnaud’s injury:
“Austen has a bruised throwing hand, got it early in the fi rst half. He played the second quarter with it and played well with it. It
swelled up during halftime and he couldn’t grip the ball effectively. We went out there with him to see if he could play with it and he
didn’t have control of the ball and threw his only pass into the ground. We felt it was smart to put Jerome (Tiller) in and not hurt our
football team because he couldn’t execute. The swelling will hopefully go down and he will be ready to go.”

On defensive play:
“We capped off our preparation last night with fi nal words of advice. We talked about shedding skin. We have to quit living in the past
thinking here we go again. We have good football players and players who can help us win on defense and they showed that tonight.”

Iowa State Linebacker Jesse Smith

On difference between this year and last for defense:
“I think we have a lot more confi dence in what we’re doing and the scheme that we’re running. Guys are really believing in what
we’re doing and what the coaches are telling us.”

On Big 12 losing streak ending:
“Oh it feels good. It’s been a while. Now we have some momentum going into next week and hopefully we can get on a roll and get some wins.”

Iowa State Tight End Derrick Catlett

On Big 12 losing streak ending:
”Yeah, I mean that’s another thing we don’t really think about it. Going into every game we just want to come out 1-0 in that game.”

On Tiller’s performance:
“He stepped in and did a great job. Hes matured a lot. He stepped in and picked up where Austen left off. He did a great job.”

Iowa State Quarterback Jerome Tiller

On replacing Austen Arnaud at Quarterback:
“I just stepped up when the coaches asked me, and I was able to use my athletic ability. I just did what I could do to help the team



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