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Baylor, Colorado Postgame Quotes

Oct. 16, 2010

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BAYLOR (5-2, 2-1) 31, COLORADO (3-3, 0-2) 25
OCT. 16, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 48,953

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...
“(Wins) are all big, but I think this one kind of sets apart a little bit. Really for getting victory number five; we haven’t done that the past couple years. It sets us up on a different playing field and we need to take advantage of where we’re at. It wasn’t a gift, we had to fight hard and earn every bit of it. I’m very proud of the resiliency that our players showed in the game.”

On team's play in second half...
“The impressive thing is that we didn’t really play that clean across the board offensively. We had some turnovers, we had some untimely penalties, and I thought our defense kept fighting and kept grinding. They kept making them work for what they were getting. We were hot enough offensively and ran the ball well enough that that we were able to sustain drives and control the football. I think the key to the game was us being able to rush the football.”

On Colorado’s game plan...
“We really didn’t know. We had a lot of respect for them defensively and as a football team because of seeing what they did to Georgia here, and they’re known as a defensive football team. We weren’t really sure what we were going to be able to get.”

On play of Robert Griffin III and Jay Finley...
“Those guys [Griffin III and Finley], everybody, once we look at the tape we’ll see that we had tremendous effort across the table. So all those guys stepped up and made plays when given the opportunity.

On Jay Finley...
“Honestly I don’t know what his stats were [143 yards]. Yeah that’s really good. I think it’s just a combination of those guys both messing with each other. They’re looking at Robert and Jay’s got it; they look at Jay and Robert’s got it. I think it kind of works hand-in-hand.”

On Colorado's final drive...
“[The clock] was going very slow. I was having a lot of games flash through my head right there at the end because it’s not over. If that ball hits the ground and the ref either shakes them sideways or lifts them up. When I saw the back judge give the safe signal, I thought, well good. Our guys did a great job in the box. Coach (Philip) Montgomery up in the box did a great job with handling all the play calling tonight. The defensive staff did a tremendous job making Colorado work their thing.

On Chance Casey’s PBU on final play...
“I saw him get up. It looked like a one-on-one deal from my vantage point. It was a high ball, so you’re never really sure what’s going to happen. But it looked like he had the advantage on the football; he was inside the ball, so I felt pretty good he would be able to at least bat it down or get his hands on it and get it out of the back of the end zone.”

On momentum going into next week...
“You know, they’re all big. If you don’t take care of business then they’re not going to be big. If you take care of business then they just keep getting bigger. And that’s okay, that’s the plan. We’ll get back and we’ll get to work tomorrow and get ready for Kansas State. That’s what we do, that’s our job. We had a good game tonight; we won a big football game. But now we’ve got to use that.”

Senior S Byron Landor

On fumble play...
“I saw the running back trying to get it. I tried to grab him. I was grabbing him by the neck. We picked up the ball. It was a great play. I take no credit for this game; I’m just a player on this team. It was a team effort; everyone played hard, everyone gave effort, and that’s how we won.”

On keeping CU out of the end zone at end of game...
“Oh man. I’m telling you, I know my blood pressure is out of the roof right now. I was feeling it. It seemed like every time we would get them to third down, they would get a first down. They would run out of bounds, and I was thinking to myself ‘this clock is going so slow.’ I thought to myself we have to stop them. We kept on fighting. They were so many people who made mistakes today, but we all fought through those mistakes. I missed a lot of tackles, but at the end of the day it is a win, and I will take it any way I can get it.”

On his interception...
“That’s my first interception of the season. It feels good man. It was an out-of-body experience. I couldn’t believe that I caught it. There have been so many that I have dropped this year. I caught it and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I just tried to follow Big Phil (NG Phil Taylor).

On next week's game vs. Kansas State...
It would be a great win for us. We know what the situation is. We know that this puts us at 5-2. We are going home and were going to have a lot of alumni at the game; so many fans that are supporting Baylor. There is no better way to get it then at homecoming. We have to continue to get better.

Sophomore CB Chance Casey

On last play of the game...
“We were just out in our blanket coverage, making sure Colorado couldn’t do what they wanted to do, throw the ball deep into the end zone. They threw it towards me and coach told me time is running out, so just knock it down and end the game. I thought that they would try to run some weird type of screen and run the ball in but I saw the ball in the air so I had to knock it down. It was a deep ball, so I thought it was going to sail out of the end zone.”

On being one win away from bowl eligibility...
“It’s pretty big. We’re 5-2 now. It gives us momentum going into next week; we just came out of a tough fought game. We made a lot of mistakes but we fought through them and came out with the win.”

Sophomore QB Robert Griffin III

On offense's performance...
“Some of the guys were joking that I looked like vintage Griff out there. I do what I can; coach was calling them so I had to run them. The offensive line did a great job of making holes, and all I had to do was pick one and go. Jay (TB Jay Finley) ran the ball very well today, and we are proud of that. We were able to get our running game going by the end of the night. I’ve always told people that Jay Finley is the best running back no one is talking about. We have run very much this year. He was waiting for a break through game. The defense played really soft all game. Our whole passing game was sideways, for the most part. If you rack up 200 yards throwing it sideways, I’m okay with that.”

On first-half mistakes...
“We did everything to lose the game early, and even late, but we overcame it. It was really big for this team for the defense to go out and win this game for us, when everyone has been bad mouthing them so much. It’s huge for their confidence as well.”

On running game...
“They were just run plays, not straight runs for me, just run plays. You have to take whatever the defense gives you and I felt like everyone on offense was clicking. We did a good job of taking whatever they gave us. On one play I saw them roll to cover three, and I told Jay (Jay Finley) to go, because I knew he would be gone. Colorado they just gave me the run plays. They wanted us to run the ball.”

On being one win away from bowl eligibility...
“It puts a smile on your face, but we have to hunker down, make sure we stay consistent with our preparation, and go out there and execute like we have been with limiting those mistakes.”

On overcoming three turnovers...
“It’s very impressive. Jay’s (Jay Finley) fumble and my interception. Coming off the sideline, it was kind of hostile, but I told the team you can’t do anything about a tipped ball. Tipped balls get picked. You have to focus in and be positive and not negative.”



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