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Baylor-Kansas State Postgame Quotes

Oct. 23, 2010

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RV/RV BAYLOR (6-2, 3-1) 47, RV/RV KANSAS STATE (5-2, 2-2) 42
OCT. 23, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 40,057

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement…
“I’m just honored and proud to be a part of what happened tonight and what’s continuing to happen at Baylor University.”

On the excitement the fans provided…
“Well we talked about the fans rushing the field. We wanted them to rush the field. We wanted that type of victory and we felt like if we took care of business, that would happen. It’s just a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. That’s the way I feel and that’s the way I want our players to feel. They accomplished something. They need to feel proud for that but humble at the same time.”

On the team’s resiliency...
“I think it really helped us last week being in that situation in Colorado because it was a back-and-forth game. We were fighting for everything we could get and they were doing a good job on their side of the ball. It was that way, undoubtedly, in the first half (tonight) and on into the third quarter. That’s something that you never should have to question. If you play then you’re going to play and you’re going to play full tilt until the game is over. You’re always going to believe good things are going to happen. It’s not going to be a deal where all of the sudden something goes wrong and we’re standing around wondering what’s happening and why it’s happening that way. We’re going to figure it out, move on and make things right.”

Sophomore Quarterback Robert Griffin III

On becoming bowl eligible…
“The smile says it all. It’s a big moment for the university and our football team. We’ll enjoy it tonight but get back to work tomorrow.”

On what the win means to the fans…
“The rain delay eliminated some of the fans but the people that did storm the field, we know it means a lot to them. We were excited the whole time there when it was 47-35. I was just pacing up and down the sideline because I knew if they scored they were just going to kick an on-side, so it was just a matter of us getting the ball back. It’s a great moment and I’m happy about it.”

Senior Running Back Jay Finley

On what the win means to the team …
“It means a lot. To be here for my fifth year now, I’ve been through a couple of changes. The program has turned around. It’s a blessing.”

On the gratification from being with the team for so long…
“It does (run through my mind.) This is a stepping stone. We’re not going to stop right now. We’ve got a game next week and we’re going to prepare for it.”

Senior Safety Byron Landor

On the performance of the defense…
“I just love every guy in that locker room. I love every guy on that defense. It’s everybody’s responsibility and everybody’s job to love the person that’s next to them. Everyone works together as a team that way. If a play comes my way then it’s my job and my love for everybody on the defense to go out and make the play. I take no credit for what happens out there. I play defense for the team. We find a way to battle. We didn’t get as many stops as we wanted to, but at the end of the day we got enough to win the game.” On the feeling of becoming bowl eligible...
“It’s an amazing feeling. It was wonderful. It’s one of those feelings that if you get once in a lifetime you would be happy about it. I’ll never forget this day, but there is more here for us.”


Kansas State Head Coach Bill Snyder

On K-State’s running game…
“Sometimes we ran it reasonably well, once again not as consistently as we needed to. We had to punt the ball too many times and that means we didn’t run it well, particularly the fourth-down play we had in the second half that cost us. That was a 14-point swing, not converting that.”

On Baylor’s offensive play…
“Most of it was a result of huge plays. I would hate to see the list. I haven’t seen it yet of how many 30-plus plays they hit, but there was quite a few. When that happens we just don’t have people where they need to be. That is our problem. That is our issue. We have to coach them better.”

On his team’s offensive play...
“This wasn’t just the defense. It was a team loss. We had opportunities with our offense regardless of how well we moved the ball or how many points we scored. That is not the issue. For our offense to be successful you have to outscore the defense. For our defense to be successful you got to hold them to less than what your offense gets. It is a team effort when we win. Just like last week, that wasn’t because of our offense, that was because of both sides complementing each other; and our loss today was exactly the same thing. We were inept at times that we needed to have some success on both sides of the ball.”

Quarterback Carson Coffman

On the offense…
“I felt like we were moving the ball pretty good. We could have scored every time, but we had two costly turnovers that stopped two drives and a couple other drives that ended on third down.”

On his frustration level...
“I am pretty upset. I am angry. I felt like we should have had this one. This would have been huge for us as a program. We didn’t get it, but we play next week.”

Defensive Back David Garrett

On his team’s defensive…
“We knew exactly what was going on, we just beat ourselves. I am proud of my teammates that we kept fighting. I am proud of the offense, they kept fighting even though we weren’t getting any turnovers for them or stopping them (Baylor).”

On whether the defense’s lapses were execution or technique...
“I don’t know. I just know, we knew what they were going to do and we didn’t get it done. Like I said we didn’t come to play like we know we can play, but like every week, we are going to put this game behind us and come play next week.”



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