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Baylor, Kansas Postgame Quotes

Oct. 26, 2013

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6/5/8 BAYLOR (7-0, 4-0)  59, NR/NR/NR KANSAS (2-5, 0-4) 14 
OCT. 26, 2013  •  ATTENDANCE:  32,264

Baylor Head Coach Art Briles

Opening Statement:
"I'm proud of our guys for the way that they played. The level of energy that they brought, that's something we talked about all week, bringing energy to the table, creating it and feeding off of it. In our pregame (meeting) we had a lot of spunk. We had a good attitude and a lot of confidence and it carried over onto the field. I think defensively we played extremely well again tonight, like last week. Defensively we held off Kansas early in the game on offense better the first two series. Then once our offense got going, we started coinciding with each other, the next thing you knew you looked up and it was 28-0. So that was a good thing. I thought we had a lot of people contribute on both sides of the ball and on special teams tonight."

On getting off to a good start:
"Like you said, two years ago, I hate to use the term but it's almost like we stole something. I mean we felt like we really cheated the system and got very, very fortunate. Like I told them, we don't want any late-game heroics. If we're going to do something let's do it early, and see what happens. That's why we came out and tried to shoot the ball down field early because we didn't want to let it linger around. Fortunately we played good enough defense to overcome that and finally made a few plays on offense and we got it going."."

On if Bryce (Petty) overhyped before the game:
"I don't know. I mean it could be. Who knows? All I know is Bryce was about as good as I've ever seen him tonight. I mean he was really, really on. To the naked eye, people wouldn't understand, but he checked-down about three times, stuff he has never done all year. I thought our offensive line did a tremendous job of allowing him to have time to throw the ball and I thought we did a good job on both sides of the ball up-front, offensively and defensively."

On the maturity this team is showing, especially on the road:
"Yeah, I mean it's hard to win, on the road, it's hard to win at home. It's tough anywhere and that's why as you have a mature football team, the more you grow. Like I've mentioned all year, we won a bowl-game in 2008 and in 2012 and these guys have won a bunch of football games. They've done a lot of good things together. So when we get on the field we know what we're doing and we have outcomes that are predictable and that's what you like as a football team."

Baylor QB Bryce Petty

On the early offensive struggles:
"I personally think I came out too overhyped. Once we shook out the jitters and settled down, we started playing our game. We know we can score points, but going through some adversity will only make us stronger later in the season."

On what makes this offense so effective:
"It all starts with the guys up front. I don't think I was even touched tonight, and when you have that kind of confidence, to know you can sit there and go through your progressions, it makes my job a lot easier. Plus, I have some of the most talented players in the nation lining up next to me. They make me look a lot better than I do them."

Baylor NB Sam Holl

On the defense' strong showing:
"We were ready. When we go on the road, it feels like us against the world. We knew that if we could do our job and get it done early, we had a good chance at having some success."

On Kansas' dual-quarterbacks:
"We had a good game plan in place for each quarterback, and we executed it well. They didn't give us any trouble and fortunately we are leaving here with a win."

Kansas Head Coach Charlie Weis

On Baylor's offense::
"They have a lot of fire power and it hurt early. We wanted to hold the ball on them some and we had a lot of things planned with Tony (Pierson) involved. But Tony got pulled out early and that was one weapon we were going to try and utilize early in the game. Not only are they good on offense but their defense played pretty salty against us. We never really could protect the defense early in the game by having our offense stay on the field."

On Tony Pierson:
"He was just dizzy. He wasn't hit in the head or anything but when you are coming off a concussion you have to act on the side of caution."

On both quarterbacks' performances::
"It's not a perfect world playing both quarterbacks but they both brought different elements to the game today. I think that it's going to be more and more the same as it was tonight as we go. Rather than worry about settling into one, we have to get them both ready to play."

On Rodriguez Coleman:
"It's been a long time coming for him to get into the mix here. We really need him to step up and get involved and it was really nice to see him step up and make a big play."

Kansas RB Brandon Bourbon

On Freshman quarterback Montell Cozart's play:
"I think he played pretty well. He completed some passes and I think he's starting to build a little bit of confidence that we can work off of in the future."

On the mood in lockerroom after the loss:
"They're really good and we expected them to be really good, but at the same time it's just disappointing, and we just have to keep fighting to get a win."

Kansas WR Rodriguez Coleman

On his performance:
"I got off to a slow start so I felt like I was due for a good game, so hopefully it will carry over to the next few games that we've got. Hopefully I can put my team in the best position to win."

On freshman quarterback Montell Cozart:
"He showed a lot of poise and confidence. For this to be his second game, he came out there and showed poise and confidence and made plays. It was really different than last week, he didn't have any passing attempts. This week he had a couple pass attempts and he made plays"

Kansas S Cassius Sendish

On if Baylor was different live than on film:
"It's hard to simulate their tempo, and to simulate exactly what they're going to do. But, I feel like we had a good game plan. Things just didn't fall in our favor. Missed tackles, that's a big thing that we need to work on. We had way too many missed tackles."

On why there were so many missed tackles:
"They stretch you out so wide where the tackles that you have to make are open-field tackles. So, if they squeeze through the middle, then every tackle is going to be an open-field tackle by the way that they line up from the beginning. It's tough, but playing in a wide, spread open league you have to be able to do that."

Kansas DL Keon Stowers

On Baylor's offense:
"They made a lot of good adjustments. They have a great offense. They made some good adjustments and another thing is we were really beating ourselves by not making tackles. They've got a dynamic offense so we were really going to need to be good and make tackles and that's what we didn't do."

On if they were prepared for the Baylor offense:
"They did exactly what we thought they were going to do. We were ready for it the first two drives and then they adjusted to what we were doing. Like I said, it's a great football team, a great offense."



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