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Baylor, Texas Postgame Quotes

Oct. 30, 2010

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25/24 BAYLOR (7-2, 4-1) 30, NR/RV TEXAS (4-4, 2-3) 22
OCT. 30, 2010 • ATTENDANCE: 100,452

Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement...
"I am really proud of our football team, our players, our staff, our fans because it has been a while since we have given any proof to believe and people have really taken to it and supported in a tremendous fashion. As a part of the football team, hats off to the people who are supporting us and to our players. I think they are a resilient bunch and have great leadership in general and great senior leadership, and the guys always believe something good is going to happen."

On preparation...
"I think the thing that has helped us is the last three weeks. That is the thing I have been concerned with is the weeks building up to the game we have been going down to the wire at Texas Tech, Colorado and Kansas State. Since we have been going down to the wire those three games, we are used to being in that situation and we have won two out of three of them and our guys just think that something good is going to happen and are believing that. They are making the plays and understanding the situations that determine the outcome of the game."

On what this means to the program...
"I think the thing that I am excited about is that we have seven wins on the board and we are in the middle of the Big 12 South. I am not looking at the rank from 15 years ago because that does not affect our players. Our players came in here with the notion that we were going to play hard for 60 minutes and get out of here with a win and that is all that we were concerned with."

On the big offensive plays...
"We hit a few and we missed a few, too; we are not as sharp early as what we would have liked to have been. Texas is extremely good on defense, extremely talented and well-coached. I thought they did a great job offensively as well and they are a good football team as evidence as what has happened in the last 13 years. You are going to hit some and you are going to miss some and you have to go with it and the thing that really helped us is when we flipped the momentum. They really had it when they were up by nine in the third and we could feel it closing in a little bit, but then we got the interception and there we go."

On the momentum-changing play with Antonio Johnson's interception...
"That to me was it and I think the other thing is when they were up by nine and got down there and ended up having to punt the ball. Those are two big plays, but conversely, we gave them good field position the first half, then we flipped it a little bit."

On the biggest thing that has changed compared to last year's game...
"It is a whole different mindset without a doubt, our guys have some proof to believe. That to me is first and foremost."

On giving Texas field position but Texas still taking field goals...
"That was huge and our defense really played well and I thought we were sound on special teams and we did enough offensively. We knew it was going to be tough offensively, but we did enough to give us a chance to win the game."

On going for it on fourth-and-one...
"When you get opportunities to win a big game on the road, you have to take them and that is what I have always believed. When you are at home, it is a little different, but when you are on the road, if you can do something to swing the momentum, you have to take a shot at it and you have to have faith in your guys to do it. If you don't do it and decide to kick, that is not having faith and is just going by what the book says to do. Fortunately we were able to run eight plays inside the four and get it in."

On the difference in play earlier in the year...
"Some teams get better the longer they play. I think we are getting to be a better football team the longer we are playing and that is the encouraging thing about this team and that is what I have been saying the last three weeks. Every time we are stepping on the field, we are getting better and we are nine games deep and we are still not as good as we are going to be. We are just understanding football better and making plays when we need to be."

Senior S Byron Landor

On the win...
"These last couple of weeks have been really tough games for us. We fought really hard for each one of them. We found a way to get a win. And I think it all built from the Colorado game. We found a way on the road to fight the adversity. We just stuck together as a team. I don't think there was any player in the locker room that had any doubt that we were going to win this game. We knew it was going to be a tough place to win and we knew that we weren't going to get some of the calls that we would get at home. We just knew it was going to be a fight. We just stuck together and there was a lot of love in the locker room. We all love each other. We are a team."

On holding the Longhorns on a short field...
"It was a complete team effort. We always do a pretty good job, but we usually have trouble on third down. Today we found a way to get them off of the field. We forced them into a lot of long third downs. We just stuck together as a team, and as a defense; every man did his part so that the team as a whole had a good chance to win."

On trailing Texas by nine points in the third quarter...
"All I was thinking is that we had to get stops. I knew that eventually our offense would get it together. With the talent we have, we would start cooking. We just said to each other that if we get stops, and they don't score, we win. We went out there and just tried to do just that."

Sophomore QB Robert Griffin III

On tonight's game...
"We got down early in the game, but we never died and never quit. Offensively we weren't great, but we were good enough when it mattered. When we were good, we put points on the board. We knew we just needed an opportunity. We knew teams were going to key on me so if they do that, Jay (Finley) is going to tear them apart. A lot of people want to talk about teams of destiny and I think this is one of them. We are playing at a high level and we can go out and play with anybody."

On overcoming his early struggles in the game...
"I just wasn't on today. On the drives that we put up points, I was on enough to help us. I kind of look at it as I am, we are, so if I'm not playing well then we aren't playing well as a team. That's a lot of pressure on me, but I'm willing to take that."

On beating Texas after years of struggling...
"It didn't come up at all during the week. Not until the end of the game guys were talking about how we haven't beat Texas in a while. For us, it was another win. The tide has changed this year. We are the team to beat and we are just going to keep rolling with that."



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