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Baylor, Kansas Postgame Quotes

Nov. 3, 2012

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BAYLOR (4-4, 1-4) 41, KANSAS (1-8, 0-6) 14
NOV. 3, 2012 • ATTENDANCE: 39,039

  Head Coach Art Briles

Opening statement:
"On behalf of the team and the coaching staff, what a relief. We feel like we have been carrying a burden the last three or four weeks, so its a relief to go out there and play well. Defensively, offensively, and special teams played well tonight. The crowd was great and Homecoming was great, we are just proud to be apart of it."

On the running game:
"We knew we had to run the ball. We felt like we had to run the ball tonight. Glasco (Martin) played well, the O-line played well and (Jarred) Salubi had some great runs."

On forcing turnovers:
"That's the whole deal to winning games. When we were winning games last year, we were leading the Big 12 in forced turnovers."

On getting the win to build momentum:
"We certainly hope so, that's the first time I've felt good in a month, and so will our guys. I wish I was joking. Our players and our staff have been really resilient. We have to get one before we can get two, and we got one tonight."

On the team's effort in the second half:
"We noticed we had shut them out for a quarter and a half. That's how you win. The offense did enough to win the game, but I felt like we gained energy and gained confidence as the second half went on."

  Senior Quarterback Nick Florence

On the win:
"I feel like the monkey is off our back. We have a long way to go to get two more wins. We have a tough schedule ahead of us, but we get one and the ball starts to get rolling and you never know what can happen. We obviously made some mistakes tonight, and we have things to get better at, but it was a good win. Defense played great, special teams played good."

On the score at halftime:
"We should have had a bigger lead than that. Not scoring on that last drive was big, we left plays on the table, but we rallied after halftime and we were a determined team tonight."

On the performance of the team in the first half:
"You want to go into halftime with a lead so you're not playing catch up, and then you treat it as a zero-zero ball game, but in reality you know we have a little cushion. But a zero-zero ball game, that's how we try to approach every half."

  Junior Nickleback Ahmad Dixon

On the defense tonight:
"From a defensive point, we believe in coach Bennett. We believe in his scheme and it helped us win tonight."

On his interception:
"I don't want to take credit for that. We practice that play every week and their quarterback threw the ball and I made a play."

On getting the win:
"It felt good to get the win, especially on Homecoming. We lost the last game against TCU at home, so it felt good to get this win. We were just all on one cord tonight and hopefully that spills over into next week and we get that win."

  Senior Wide Receiver Terrance Williams

On making adjustments at halftime:
"We just came in at halftime and were just pumping each other up. We knew we had to go out there and put up points. It was just a collective group effort, our offense and our defense."

On dealing with the weather delay:
"We didn't know until we were about to come out. We just had to hydrate more, get something to eat and keep oursleves in a rythym and pumping each other up. There really wasn't too much of a drop off, we just had to be patient."

  Junior Running Back Glasco Martin

On how he played:
"I felt really good. The O-line did a really good job of tiring down their defensive line. We as players just have to make the plays. I just have to be myself and be physical."

On not getting into the end zone and stepping out of bounds on a big run:
"I was just trying to get what I can get. I shouldn't have stepped out of bounds on that run. It was a mistake."

  Sophomore Running Back Lache Seastrunk

On the seam pass:
"I knew I was gone. I caught the ball, I saw green, and it was there."

On he and Glasco's effectiveness tonight:
"This makes us a bigger threat. We've got the best receivers in the country. Glasco calls us thunder and lightning, so we hit you with a little bit of thunder, hit you with a little bit of lightning."

On how good the victory felt:
"It's like the monkey jumped off our back, like we had Sasquatch sitting on us and wouldn't let us breathe. It really felt good to get the win, on Homecoming at that."

  Junior Cornerback Joe Williams

On stepping up with K.J. Morton and Demetri Goodson out:
"As a corner with the most experience, I should step up and take that role, and so I've just been trying to do my job and be a leader to the rest of the corners."

On getting stops in the second half:
"We were trying to feed off each other's energy, everybody began to do their jobs and we started getting comfortable and just feeding off each other and having fun."

On creating turnovers:
"It's always big to give our offense the ball because we know that they can go down and score quickly, so it's always big to get a turnover and we just try to help our offense out as much as we can"

  Senior Defensive End Gary Mason, Jr.

On if the defense felt different tonight:
"Oh yeah. Tonight was a different feeling, a feeling we haven't felt in a little while. It was a big feeling though, a good feeling. We have to come out that way every game, with confidence, know we can stop the offense and feed off each other."

On how the cushion in the second half helped the defense:
"It helped us alot, so that we wouldn't get in a situation where it was a close game like we've had throughout the season. To get that lead going into the half really helped us out, so we came out and kept stepping on them, didn't let them get too many yards, and didn't let them score."

  Head Coach Charlie Weis

On the decision to go for the fake field goal:
"It was actually a play that I thought if you had the look, go ahead and do it. I thought we would kick the field goal just based off of the look. Supposedly that's what they were expecting. I thought we were going to check out of that play and kick the field goal, but that is not what happened. The play was to roll to one side or the other based on their look."

On the change of momentum in the game:
"I thought the game changed in the third quarter. It was 20-14 at halftime and we were really fortunate for it to be 20-14 at halftime. When the game started it looked like it could have gotten ugly real early. So we obviously go into halftime with the second time we had a rain delay and came out in the third quarter and things didn't really go so well for us. We had plenty of time for the defense to get rested because they were on the field for over 50 plays in the first half to our 30-something. They had plenty of time to rest and plenty of time to figure out what we wanted to do on our first drive. Unfortunately, we had decided as a coaching staff that anytime we got the ball to the 50 yard line and we got to a fourth and relatively short, we were going for it. And when we ran that run to the left where that guy cuts through and tackles us and we don't make the first down, and they come back and hit a quick one. Then we come back and threw that long one, what I thought was his best throw of the day, when it hits Omigie right in the numbers for a walk in touchdown, and instead of a walk in touchdown it's an interception. That little sequence, from getting stopped on fourth down, to them scoring, to us bouncing back to get it to a one-score game again, and instead of it being a one-score game it's an interception, and now they change the field and go down and score and now it is a three-score game. I think everything changed in a hurry. And it was right there."

On starting quarterback Michael Cummings:
"When I took Michael out was after he got flustered on the sack and then threw the interception. When he came off the field he had that look in his face like it was time to go to the bullpen. Michael would never ask to be taken out of the game, but he had that look like it was time to go to the bullpen. If you have been around the business enough you can just look in a guy's face and know that it was that time."

On the most disappointing part of the game:
"Chunks. I can say it in one word, chunks. I could say other things like the halfback fumbles the ball and picks it back up and gains eight. Things like that shouldn't happen, but really the biggest part of the game when you talk about it defensively was just chunks."

  Senior Defensive End Josh Williams

On how Baylor was able to pull away in the third quarter:
"I think they just made some big plays at a critical time in the game. We had that long delay and coming out they made some big plays at a critical time and got some momentum."

On how Baylor was able to establish the running game:
"I don't really know. That is one that is going to have to be figured out by watching film. They came out and had some explosive runs and some explosive pass plays, and when you get in a situation like that you really put yourself in a bind.



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