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Baylor, Oklahoma State Postgame Quotes

Nov. 6, 2010

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19/18 OKLAHOMA STATE (8-1, 4-1) 55, 22/22 BAYLOR (7-3, 4-2) 28
NOV. 6, 2010
• ATTENDANCE: 50,741

Head Coach Art Briles

On Baylor's three turnovers...
“You can’t [turn over the ball] on the road against a good offensive team and that’s what we did. We had been good about not doing that all year and it just hit us today at the wrong time. Two of them were at (Oklahoma State's) end of the field with the potential to get points and the other was about midfield. It definitely gave them momentum and they used it and took advantage of it. They’ve got a good football team.”

On still competing for the Big 12 South title...
“If my math is right, I think there is still a chance. But right now our focus is to play well next week against Texas A&M at home. That’s our focus because we need to get this taste out of our mouth.”

On Oklahoma State’s offense...
“I think they were really hot today and I think they really played well. They made plays all over the field. I think (Oklahoma State QB Brandon Weeden) was on. It’s not like they all of a sudden got good today. They’ve been good.”

On Justin Blackmon...
“He’s a stud. He can play.”

On Baylor's passing game...
“We had some shots; we just didn’t connect. We felt like we had some things that could’ve worked. But it was just one of those days where we were just off a yard or two here and there.”

On most frustrating aspect of the game...
“I think the frustrating part is not playing clean early. That’s the most frustrating part - coming out and not taking care of the football and not getting stops defensively.”

On coming back next week after the loss...
“We’re going to fight and we’re going to play because that’s what we do. We’ll regroup, refocus and recharge. And we’ll be ready to go next Saturday against Texas A&M.”

Sophomore QB Robert Griffin III

On not being able to come through against OSU…
"You're acting like we're at the bottom of the Big 12 South; we're not. We're still there at the top. Maybe not at the very top, but we're still in this race and it's not a major letdown for us. We lost the football game. You move on from it. There won't be a lot of laughing on the plane ride back, but we'll regroup and be ready to go tomorrow."

On being able to rebound…
"I'm very confident that we'll be able to (rebound). I told the offensive line right before halftime that I promise, myself, that we wouldn't be in this situation again and I'm proud of the team because we never stopped fighting and put 28 points up on the board (in the second half). Obviously, it wasn't enough and it was a little bit too late, but the fact that we still went out there and played hard was big for me. I made that same vow, and that's why I put the blame on myself because I have to just do better; whatever I've got to do to help this team win I've got to do."

On if the OSU loss was comparable to the TCU loss…
"No, not really. Against TCU, we didn't make turnovers; we just weren't making plays. I think in this game, we were making plays; we just had a couple big turnovers that changed it for us. I made sure that they knew if they didn't have any heart left to not come back out there. I've been through the fire with these guys time and time again, and I know what the heart is. So, for them to go back out there and fight the way they did, that's definitely a plus."

Senior S Byron Landor

On Oklahoma State's offense...
"They played a really good game today. They moved the ball around well; we just couldn't get stops. They came with a lot of fire. I think the addition of (Justin) Blackmon back this week kind of added on to that, but we knew what it was coming into the game, we just didn't get stops. I just talked to coach (defensive coordinator Brian) Norwood a few minutes ago and he was saying it's on him, but, honestly, it's on us. They ran a lot of different plays. We didn't take care of our responsibilities individually, and it allowed the big plays to happen, and when you get big plays scored against you, that's how teams win games and keep the momentum on their side."

On where OSU's offense ranks against other offenses faced this season...
"I couldn't tell you, but they played (a great) game. I couldn't tell you. It's the Big 12 Conference; every offense is good, but they have a really good offense. They spread the ball around a lot. It made us kind of stay on our toes. They mixed it up a little bit – a screen here, pitch there, throwing it to (Justin) Blackmon. They did a good job controlling the game and keeping the momentum throughout the game. They're a real good offense."

On still being in the Big 12 race...
"Coming into the season, we said we're going to rise up and we said we're going to turn this program around. One thing with previous Baylor teams, as it got later on into the season, teams might have given up; I don't know what really happened, but we're not going to do that and that's part of turning the program around. No matter what adversity you face, you have to face it like a man and either you put up or shut up, and we're not going to shut up. We're going to keep on fighting until the end. No matter what happens, we got to keep on fighting."



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